Any business which uses the Internet to conduct its business activities can be called an online business; whether it be selling, buying of products or the provision of an online service. Before you start an online business your first step should be trying to understand who the target is and why or how you need to attract them.

We have some tips which should help you on this path towards becoming successful:


Understand your Customer

As is true with any kind of business, you need to do far-reaching market research. You need to know your target customer, where they shop and why. You could try reaching them through social media, email marketing or squeeze pages.

Solve their problems

You need to address your customer’s problems, queries, and needs. Offer up-sells, extras, customize, let them know why you are better, be clear right from the start – as to what you can ship and where the charges etc.


Remember that your customers are humans with likes and dislikes. Do not push them or oversell. It will be a sure way to push them away.

Bring in traffic

An online business is based on traffic. SEO is one idea that needs serious thought. Social media is another strong voice. You could try a free e-book which contains all the info and would pull people in to sign up for the email list. Your business needs to be advertised and listed in directories.

Keep it simple

When you do something for the first time you generally tend to overdo it. Instead, you need to keep your website simple. In an effort to stand out do not make it garish. Business-oriented websites need to have simple and straightforward content. VerboLabs can give you exactly what you need.


Consider it a trend or a fad. If you don’t blog you probably don’t exist. It’s one of the best ways to promote your identity.

Easy payment methods

You need to make it as easy for the customer as possible. The slightest difficulty and you won’t see him returning. So make it easy for him to buy with proven methods, say PayPal or Shopify.

Webmaster Tools

Your content has to be of high quality and you should have done your keyword research. You could try checking out the Google Webmaster guidelines. Get your site verified with Google. Try out a sitemap which would let your viewers find what they want fast. You could even try out scraping software which would let you have a look at what people think about you.

Conversion Testing

Check the rate of conversion. That is, find out how many actually sign or buy the offer.


If you are expecting to sell to an international audience you should also probably think about translation. Your product might be having excellent benefits or features, but it wouldn’t matter if the customer is not able to understand them. This is where VerboLabs can help you. We have some of the best translation teams.

Running an online business is quite like bringing up a child. You cannot skip to the teen years now can you? You have to take each step at a time and bring it up the right way.

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