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Benefits of subtitles

Subtitles have become part and parcel of videos. In other words, videos these days are not released without subtitles at all. Each one of them will try to find their own benefits while watching any video. Some watch it for leisure, some like it because of the message in it. Whereas, there are a few […]



The last two decades have seen an inflow of different foreign brands in every sphere of business. MNCs see the opening of Indian markets as a tempting proposition. They consider India not only as a business hub for global clients but also as an export base. These are mostly automobile as well as consumer durable. […]

Why is Byjus One of The Best Learning Programs?

Byjus is one of the leading education technology startups in India. The Bangalore-based Think and learns Pvt.Ltd manages the company. At Byjus we get visual as well as written learning programs through its app, which has grown to 300,000 annual paid subscribers across K-12 schools. Byjus business enterprise is started by Byju Raveendran and is […]

A Look into our Subtitling Processes and Subtitling Rates.

Subtitling rates of Verbolabs

Subtitling is a type of audiovisual translation which has its own specifications, rules, and criteria. This type of translation belongs to “subordinate translation”. Subtitling requires multiple steps. It involves various stages like: Remittance of the footage via file transfer protocol. We have to fix the in and out times of each subtitle and divide dialogues into […]