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Indian Bollywood movies are not only popular in India but they are much more popular in the Middle East. The romance with the Indian Bollywood movies still continues in UAE. One of the reasons is that most Bollywood movies are often shot in the Middle East.

The movie Dishoom was shot in Abu Dhabi. And there is a reason why Indian directors are shooting in Abu Dhabi. It is the gorgeous location as well as the proximity of India from there; Which the filmmakers are taking advantage in the Emirati heartland.

What do Indian movies contain?

It is true that some of the locations in Dubai have no comparison with any other part of the world. The non-resident Indians have a big market in Bollywood. The Dubai Emirati Soad Harmoodi is the one who never misses any of the Bollywood releases.

There are a lot of housewives in the Middle East who say that they love watching the Indian movies; As they are the perfect combination of action, romance as well as comedy. They also say that you get all of it in one movie. There are many of the people who choose Hindi movies over the Arabic movies.

Why does the UAE love Bollywood movies?

People say that acting is not good in the Arabic films. But when it comes to Bollywood moves, they say that from the 2 years old child to the old man knows acting very well. Bollywood movies are the perfect mixture of what audiences like.

The first Bollywood channel was launched in 2008 and at present more than 35 channels is featuring the Bollywood as well as Indian content. Mr. Mathew has declared that the similarities in the culture were one of the reasons that the Bollywood movies became much popular in the Middle East.

It is a fact that Emirati entrepreneur known as Saeed Al Musallam is a diehard fan of the Bollywood movies. He explains that middle has a number of Indian near them and thus when they watch the Bollywood movies they feel interrelated. People feel that dialogue expression and nuances are present in the Bollywood movies; Which other types of movies often lack.

Many Indian nationals who live away don’t feel anything special about the Bollywood movies, but the case is quite different when it comes to the Middle East. They hold a special place for the Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies respect culture and the Middle East people love it.

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