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Bollywood Indian movies shooting Indian Bollywood movies are not only popular in India but they are much more popular in the Middle East. The romance with the Indian Bollywood movies still continues in UAE. One of the reasons is that most Bollywood movies are often shot in the Middle East. The movie Dishoom was shot in Abu Dhabi. And there is […]

Top Benefits of The Subtitling – Verbolabs

Benefits of subtitles

Subtitles have become part and parcel of videos. In other words, videos these days are not released without subtitles at all. Each one of them will try to find their own benefits while watching any video. Some watch it for leisure, some like it because of the message in it. Whereas, there are a few […]



The last two decades have seen an inflow of different foreign brands in every sphere of business. MNCs see the opening of Indian markets as a tempting proposition. They consider India not only as a business hub for global clients but also as an export base. These are mostly automobile as well as consumer durable. […]

A Look into our Subtitling Processes and Subtitling Rates.

Subtitling rates of Verbolabs

Subtitling is a type of audiovisual translation which has its own specifications, rules, and criteria. This type of translation belongs to “subordinate translation”. Subtitling requires multiple steps. It involves various stages like: Remittance of the footage via file transfer protocol. We have to fix the in and out times of each subtitle and divide dialogues into […]

How to make profit with video on demand services?

Video on demand (display) (VOD) are platforms which allow users to selectively enjoy content such as movies and TV shows. But, here they can choose to watch or listen anytime rather than having to watch at a specific broadcast time. This is the main USP of VODs. This process now followed by worldwide is commonly called […]

Netflix Versus Hotstar

Netflix Versus Hotstar

  Hotstar is a digital and mobile entertainment platform, owned by Star India and Netflix is an American entertainment company which specializes in and provides streaming media and video-on-demand online. Here we are just having a comparison of these VOD services the basis of certain parameters. So let’s have a check: Homepage In Netflix, the top featured image is an announcement with […]

Which are the most translated books in literature?

Books Translated and Most Adapted

  Translation has benefited the book lovers by giving a bucket list of readings and renowned novels. Translations have also increased the horizon of literature to that extent that readers have been provided with best books from any languages. This has certainly increased the visibility of masterpieces of different writers to us. The translation of Indian […]

How to select a Professional Translation Agency?

Professional Translation Agency

How to select a Professional Translation Agency? Language translation and interpreting industry faced massive rise during this decade due to Industrialization, Globalization, and localization. Huge exploration and flourishing of the language industry created confusion among the service seekers to pick a professional agency from these wide choices. We can provide here with certain criteria so […]

Human Translation versus Machine Translation

  Basically, translation serves the purpose of communication of a source language in terms of the target language. As a part of industrial revolution and exploration of markets, translation has become an important tool for conducting business worldwide. A human translator serves the purpose communicating the whole idea in source language without losing its essence. […]

Global Business Expansion Using Translation Services

The global economy is enormously widening in the present scenario. This can lead to exposure of many small-scale businesses as well as start-ups. Here, lies the importance Language translation services. Translation of business can help the growth of a company in many ways in order to facilitate overseas business partnership, to expand market reach and expand global […]