6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Translation Service Providers

6 things to consider when choosing a translation supplier

Top 6 things you should know while choosing Translation Service Providers. Migration needs and globalization have led to an expansion of business and technology. This further leads to the demand for translation sector in order to have a smooth communication. With common ground that makes translations and hence communications easy allows the business to reach […]

Quality Control in the Translation Process

Quality Control in the Translation Process

The translation of documents is a critical process for many important documents. The quality assurance step in the translation process used by the language translation agencies is an important factor. This determines the quality of service they provide. This leads to the right quality of delivered documents. Translation agencies translate the various important types of […]

How Language Evolution Affected Translations Services

How Language Evolution Affected Translations

When the explorer met the natives there was an immediate need for communication. The need was felt when travel became popular. This resulted in the demand for common languages or translations services. But this was not an easy task as knowledge and means were scarce. Modern day, however, has seen easy communication which is due to […]

How Transcription Services Help to Empower Insurance-Agents


Agents are the backbone of any Insurance company. Because transcription services can increase their productivity. Adjusters, brokers, and insurance agents all get reap the benefits from services that look after their wearisome work. Lengthy assignments that involve insurance claims can be sometimes outsourced to professionals. These professionals have a better understanding of how to convey the […]

Get the High-Quality, and Reasonable Transcription within 24 Hours


Even a few years ago, the idea of a budget-friendly, similar day transcription-service was exceptional. Getting high-quality transcriptions for the best price as well as the shortest time period is a matter of luck. The accessible transcription solution has packed with the budget-friendly cost in the business – beginning at only 0.79 USD per audio-minute. […]

What is the Role of Transcription in E-learning?


Key Points to know the role of transcription. The development of e-learning has assisted to generate a huge requirement for academic transcription. Today, transcription is getting a huge popularity all over the world. This is mainly because of the flexibility offered by transcription, which helps in the learning process in the end. For instance, videos […]

Bollywood Movies Loved by Middle East – VerboLabs


Bollywood Indian movies shooting Indian Bollywood movies are not only popular in India but they are much more popular in the Middle East. The romance with the Indian Bollywood movies still continues in UAE. One of the reasons is that most Bollywood movies are often shot in the Middle East. The movie Dishoom was shot in Abu Dhabi. And there is […]

Top Benefits of The Subtitling – Verbolabs

Benefits of subtitles

Subtitles have become part and parcel of videos. In other words, videos these days are not released without subtitles at all. Each one of them will try to find their own benefits while watching any video. Some watch it for leisure, some like it because of the message in it. Whereas, there are a few […]