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What is the most irksome thing ever possible? Having garbled website translation perhaps. Or watching a movie without being able to understand the richness of the dialogues. Or maybe to get a good grip on the emotions which the actors enact on the screen? Well, human translation is perhaps the best way to go. And nothing beats a knowledgeable person offering a live human translation. However, this may not be feasible in all situations. Therefore, to help you VerboLabs comes to your rescue for our movie subtitles service.

Why is there a need for movie subtitle services?

Movie subtitles service is what increases the audience of the movie manifold times. It helps in watching movies and videos in crowded places, watching these movies for people who have a hearing impairment as well as watching these movies and videos which are in languages which you are unfamiliar with or which is not your first language. Captions and subtitles solve all these problems.

Closed captions, as well as written text present in the video, informs the viewer what the speaker is saying. These are accessibility tools. These are useful for all kinds of videos but more so are important with videos where the viewer is learning something.

Facebook too plays videos automatically but silently, so if you want to draw people’s attention, you require captions and subtitles.

Features –

The perfect subtitles can either ruin or add to the beauty of the sentiments played out on the screen. These subtitles, if they are only grammatically correct or literal translations of the dialogues, can totally destroy the entire build-up of the movie or the video. Therefore, it is correct that creating the perfect subtitles is an art form that is not very easy to master.

Our movie subtitles service includes softwares which manage subtitles and comes with a ribbon menu as well as the modern interface. It allows us to search for subtitles and download various versions of it from multiple places. We can synchronize, edit as well as publish it. The right subtitle can be searched by manually typing the keyword. We also download the subtitle we want by right-clicking it.  Then the video or the audio file is exported, the language chosen for the audio and the language the subtitles need to be in. A rough transcription is obtained. Then thorough research, especially in niche segments our human translation process consists of analyzing the document, extracting the word count, deploying a number of CAT tools.

Then it moves to the translation by native language experts with domain expertise and experience. Out experts proofread the article and another expert reviews it. So that it is error free. The replica is created of the source document keeping the formatting and style intact. And after this, the manager reviews the file and ensures 100% accuracy. After saving this, the video is checked to synchronize the appearance of the captions.

No wonder our movie subtitles service, as well as our Hindi translator services, are in such great demand!

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