Language Translation Services Providing Agency

We are the one of the leading Movie Subtitling & Language Translation services providing agency all around the world.
Our company has acquired an international presence by earning the trust of a number of clients worldwide. We know that quality is the king. We do a 3 tier quality verify process for all our projects. Conducting thorough research for niche segments, we put in utmost efforts to make sure high quality work. Following are services offered by us:


Are you an entrepreneur and want to localize your website/app to make it reachable to non-English speakers also? Well, we have a whole team to assist you with the task. Just tell us which all languages you want and sit back while we make it perfectly suitable to the users.

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With the native translators from all over the world specializing in various fields like arts, sciences, IT and communication, engineering, literature etc, we believe that we can provide you the best services. All the translation done is further checked by a native speaker so that there is no scope of any mistake.

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Are you a movie maker or shooting something just out of fun? Well, be it anything, we are there to help with the very important task of subtitling. Our prices are the lowest. Do not believe it? Test it yourself!

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Do you want to report a meeting or a seminar or want to understand a discussion but are unable to catch up with the accents? You do not have to worry! Be it any language, we can get the audio/video transcribed for you and that too at a very reasonable price!

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If you are looking for someone to write appealing content for your website/company or want any technical manual drafted, you are at the right place. We have a large pool of professional writers in all the major languages of the world.

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Whether you have produced a movie or trying to expand to another market by creating advertisements. You would surely need voice over services in various languages. We, at VerboLabs, are committed to providing you with the most appealing voices.

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