Do you want your bestseller to be a hit in other languages too?

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The Hindi translation of Amish Tripathi’s bestseller book “The Immortals of Meluha” is very famous among Hindi readers. It is the first installment of his bestseller “Shiva Trilogy” series. Not only the first part but also the translations of the other two books of the series are quite famous. Other books like “Five point someone” is also very famous […]

How Language Evolution Affected Translations Services

How Language Evolution Affected Translations

When the explorer met the natives there was an immediate need for communication. The need was felt when travel became popular. This resulted in the demand for common languages or translations services. But this was not an easy task as knowledge and means were scarce. Modern day, however, has seen easy communication which is due to […]

Which are the most translated books in literature?

Books Translated and Most Adapted

  Translation has benefited the book lovers by giving a bucket list of readings and renowned novels. Translations have also increased the horizon of literature to that extent that readers have been provided with best books from any languages. This has certainly increased the visibility of masterpieces of different writers to us. The translation of Indian […]