E-commerce websites are growing steadily. Let’s know how.


E-commerce businesses are growing at a very rapid pace. And it shows no sign of slowing down as well. Market research companies like the e-marketer predict the same. According to it, e-commerce sales will account for about 16% of the total worldwide retail sales by 2021. Although, online shopping sales lags way behind retail store sales by a […]

Why you should opt for website localization?


Having your website translated is a good idea. But making certain that changes to your site content reflect in the translated version regularly is hard. Website content localization is a nonstop process. Getting website localization right requires planning and proper execution. There are an abundance of high-quality website content translation services out there, that make […]

Localization To Help Businesses In European Markets

  If you are looking to expand your client base and start shipping to or providing services in European countries; Localization can work wonders. It will help your business find more users than you would normally otherwise. How can it be of help? Everyone loves his/her respective native languages and if we sell products in their […]

App or Website Localization at VerboLabs

App or Website localization services To compete in today’s crowded online marketplace, you need to communicate effectively and use your websites as effective tools to get more customers. If you need the services of a professional company in this field, no one can be better than VerboLabs. We possess the expertise in app and website […]