Four Industries which take the help of transcription services

transcriptionThe process of transcription converts speech in an audio or a video to a written or electronic text document. The audio for the transcription can be live or a recording. Previously, transcribers had to listen to live speech for this work. But now, recordings are available and transcribers can work from anywhere and anytime. The work is a multistep process. This is vital in order to produce accurate and efficient service. It includes researching for the content topic, audio to speech process along with various proofreading and quality check processes. Transcription has its uses in various industries.

Let us look at the various consumers of this service

Medical Institutions

Medical institutions and hospitals are a major consumer of the transcription process. They use this service for interview processes with patients as well as doctors. This is essential to record the conditions of the patients from time to time. This helps in the assessment of the patient’s health. Moreover, this also helps to learn about the views and opinions of the patients. Also, doctors and medical researchers conduct interview processes and group meetings to discuss various topics. The topics include latest medical technology, practices of the institution and about various rules and regulations of a hospital. Such interviews contain terms and jargons which are very difficult to identify and note down. Hence, a transcriptionist having a proper medical transcription degree and enough experience is preferable.

Private law firms

Law firms contain huge amounts of information in the form of audio files. Now, storing confidential information just as audio files is not a good option. Also, playing more than an hour long audio just to get a specific data is also not smart. Consider a situation, where a lawyer planning a future case with a client. and then, he/she has to go through a long audio just to show a particular example from a previous case. That will just cause delays. Transcription services help a lot in the work process of law firms.

Government agencies and courts

Various government agencies have recordings of audio from meetings, interrogations, interviews and so on. These are very important information and proper documentation is very vital. There is no need to say but the volume of government data is huge. And having multiple backups and references is the smart thing to do. Moreover, courtrooms also take the help of this service. The documents are used for further analysis and references in case-studies and in situations of case reopenings. Courtrooms conduct hearings that involve the use of legal terminologies. And hence, a transcriptionist with a proper degree and experience in this field is a must.

Private businesses and Trade associations

Companies often conduct board meetings to discuss about topics crucial to their company well-being. Also, meeting with other companies for the prospect of business partnership is a regular affair. These meetings discuss many important ideas, information, deals as well as facts which are vital for future references. Proper transcription in suitable formats can help a lot in simplifying all information for studying anytime.

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