VerboLabs Earns First Review on Clutch!

Here at VerboLabs, we pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in language solutions. Whether your business needs transcription, language translation, dubbing, or voice-overs, we are one of the leading providers of such services in India.

Transcription and translation are becoming one of the most critical services as the world economy continues to become more global. You definitely need the best translation services to reach people globally. We’re proud to have such great services on display for customers around the world.

We’ve worked with companies like Epic TV and Culture Machine and helped them succeed in this international, 21st-century model.

Due to this work, we’ve earned our first review on Clutch. A B2B ratings and reviews provider, Clutch uses verified client feedback to evaluate and rank companies. Their team works tirelessly to ensure buyers connect with great service providers like us.

In a recent review of our services featured on Clutch, we supplied translation services for a digital media company. We subtitled videos, translating them from Hindi to English. Due to the requirements of the project, we worked on a very short deadline. 

“The communication was very good. Prithvi was my single point of contact and she was there for me when I needed something done quickly… Their response time was good, which was crucial.” — Creative Producer, Digital Media Company.

Our ability to deliver work quickly is one of our strongest suits and our biggest USP’s. We strive to improve our processes and help clients to get exactly what they need. We’re proud to rank as one of the top transcription companies on Clutch and would like to thank our clients for leaving us with such great and valuable feedback. Without them, none of this would have been possible for us.

Companies can also be found at The Manifest, a Clutch-powered B2B resource where prospective buyers can learn about businesses in your area. The Manifest is an invaluable resource for B2B buyers. 

Feel free to contact us for all your translation needs. You can reach us at our website, where you can leave us an email or call. We’d be happy to help take your business to the next level!

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