Website Translation And Localization Explained

Website translation services at affordable price in INDIA, USA, UAE

To be able to translate the content of any website, one needs to first understand the process of website translation or web localization. It is basically the process of giving an existing website a complete make-over which would be apt for a totally different geographical market. If it is done well, the website would appear as if it had been developed locally. Frankly speaking, it is not the just content translation. It requires much more than that. It needs to show cultural differences or preferences and the overall design. A localized website if successful would feel natural to all visitors, would be easy to navigate and would respect local customs and cultures.

How can VerboLabs help you?

Here at VerboLabs, we, in essence, break down the barrier – that is language. We help companies increase their audience circle and bring in people from all over the world. Moreover, we also cater to large companies with massive amounts of content and large audiences. Our services enable brands in increasing their global market share and to be able to engage customers in local markets. So if you are looking at reaching out, engaging as well as supporting customers or prospects, we will support you with solutions that would span across platforms, devices, and channels.

We have a unique combination of technology, geography, cultural and language expertise. We will help you relate to more customers all over through a diverse collection of language translation services inclusive of –

  • Software Localization
  • Website Translation
  • Real-Time Translation of Forums and chats
  • Interpreter Services

The process we follow –

Website translation process

We essentially eliminate almost 90 percent of processes which are manual and related to content localization or website translation. Thus we let organizations grow their audiences rapidly and shape up translations whatever may be the language. VerboLabs has a platform which puts together various tools in one single interface. This eliminates the necessity to track each and every translation manually. Translators directly network with translation centric documents inside a cloud-supported setting. This speeds up the website translation process and boosts the efficiency of our whole process as well.

Our platform seamlessly pushes content in a workflow and facilitates brand uniformity. All changes are collected automatically, speeds the process and pushes them into the translation workflow. Since it pushes the content live, it minimizes the need for IT involvement and frees them up for more core work.

Platform Integration –

We also understand that some companies might have already built their websites and require localization implemented without redoing the whole framework. Well, VerboLabs gives you a wide range of API and integration options. Our network lets users integrate sites or systems that already exist. And grants them control as well as flexibility which they require as their content is available worldwide.

Become our partners for cultural expertise as well as language support for your business needs. Strengthen your relationship with consumers all over and in return, get personal with them on a global level.

To know more about our website translation and localization services, get in touch with us. We would be most happy to have a discussion. Feel free to tell us what are your needs and we’ll certainly do our best to help you out.

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