Immigration Document Translation

Immigration Documentation Translation

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Expert immigration Documents translation for legal purposes

Immigration documents, which are a subtype of official documents, are translated. Paperwork translation is a field of translation that requires the highest attention. Even though each nation has its unique immigration process. The required documents' translations must be accurate, and they must be supplied on time.

For the translation of immigration documents, a translator who just understands the source and destination languages is not acceptable. A notary must sign documents translated by sworn translators. In some cases, an apostille is required in addition to a sworn translation. Apart from that, you may require interpretation services for your immigration applications in specific situations.

Consulates' most frequently requested Immigration Documentation

  • Birth certificates are translated.
  • Marriage certificates and divorce decrees are translated.
  • Certificates of health translation
  • Diplomas, certificates, equivalency certificates, and transcripts are all translated.
  • Legal papers translation
  • Survey reports or appraiser's remarks are translated.
  • Contract and agreement translation for business
  • Bank account books are translated.
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Verbolabs Translating Services Can Assist You

1. Immigration translation that is 100 percent accurate and of excellent quality: At Verbolabs, our translators have extensive expertise translating immigration paperwork and can provide reliable translation in any language.

2. In immigration translation, a notary and an apostille are used: The consulate may seek a variety of documents. For any immigration papers requested from you, we provide sworn translations, notarized translations, and apostille services!

3. Projects sent directly to your mailbox, as well as urgent translations: We provide wet-signed paperwork to your home in addition to our quick immigration translation services!

4. Service of high quality at a reasonable cost: At Verbolabs, we provide high-quality immigration document translation at a reasonable price.

We have the following immigration documents:

We have the expertise, professionalism and are familiar with all of the papers necessary for citizenship in many nations at Verbolabs. Our language professionals are familiar with the immigration processes of most countries. We can flawlessly translate all of your paperwork. Each of our translations comes with the necessary certificates for the immigration process.

All of our procedures are carried out with expertise. By the immigration laws of the country to which you wish to go.

How do we ensure that our translations are of the highest possible quality?

Each of our translators is properly vetted and must pass a series of exams. Furthermore, demonstrate their proficiency in the languages they are translating to and from.

It is never a smart idea to translate your documents yourself, even if you are multilingual. Our translators have years of expertise interpreting papers and are familiar with the criteria used by immigration authorities when granting citizenship. We want to ensure that you can obtain your green card without experiencing any difficulties.

Certified Translation Services for Immigration Documents

We can translate all paperwork required for immigration. We also obtain immigration translation certification for each document here at Verbolabs.

We have a staff of translators on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that specialize in:

  1. Passport translation
  2. Marriage certificates
  3. Divorce decrees
  4. Birth certificates
  5. Medical records
  6. Bank statements
  7. Police records
  8. Marriage certificates
  9. Birth certificates
  10. Divorce papers
  11. Academic documents

Our passport translations are always 100% correct and will get you through the immigration process without a problem. Any language may be translated into English by us. We become your portal to a new life with our quick, accurate, and high-quality immigration translation services!

You can obtain a free estimate. Contact us with any queries you may have about our custom-made solutions for the translation of your immigration document work.

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