Marketing Content Localization

Marketing Content Localization

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We bring you the right voice to the international stage with a rich understanding of your content marketing localization needs. We work hand in hand with marketers and translation specialists so that all projects impact global markets from start to finish - from translating materials for local audiences or managing upload schedules across time zones as they are updated live worldwide!

Why Is Marketing Content Localization Important?

You know how to convey the right message in your home market, but as soon as you expand internationally, a voice of authenticity becomes key. You want people to understand whom they are dealing with and getting behind - which means making sure all content marketing is done in their target languages too!

The inability to localize your marketing campaigns can differentiate between winning customers and becoming a punchline. A multilingual content strategy is fundamental for today's diverse audiences who prefer quality in-language material, but ensuring perfect word-for-word translations of creative texts still requires attention to each language and market you serve.

The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to trust what they hear from you. When people feel like their needs are being met and that there's somebody who gets them as a person - not just an artist or performer trying out new material- then engagement skyrockets!

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Reason to Choose Marketing Content Localization at VerboLabs Languages

Marketing content localization is a key to successfully connecting with your target audience. Localizing the meaning and message of your marketing materials will allow you, as an organization, to reach those who speak in their native tongue or culture, which ultimately benefits both parties involved: customers get what they need while businesses see increased loyalty from this effortless act!

1. Increases Global Reach

The internet has become a global phenomenon, and if you’re not speaking to your audience in their native language, they won’t be able to reach most people online. A study found that 97% of total market activity can only be reached by having content available for 80 languages; without localization strategies like translating pages or posts into other languages, this number will increase up to 137 over time.

2. Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Customers from abroad and multilingual customers are vital to the success of your business. You can’t just expect them to stay after they have converted, so you need to translate a small percentage and ensure retention through an international strategy!

3. Increases Customer Acquisition

Content localization is the key to entering new markets and acquiring international customers. IDG found that 51% of companies surveyed had an increase in lead generation, while 71% saw a rise in their sales thanks to content-localized efforts!

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Does your content marketing localization need a team to bring it to the next level? VerboLabs Languages is your partner for global success. We offer project management, translation services, and more than 15 years of experience in our field. We aim to ensure that you always have an engaging voice internationally--from managing upload schedules on different platforms worldwide to ensuring quality transcreation from Marketing materials!

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