Medical Report Translation

Medical Report Translation

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Best Guidance For You In Medical Report Translation

Would you need to translate a medical report for a clinical trial, an insurance claim, a second opinion, or a patient transfer? In all languages, Verbolabs languages delivers excellent medical report translation services.

Medical records from hospitals, medical clinics, and physicians are expertly translated by us. We also give medical lab results translation, such as MRI scans and blood testing. Medical report translation services are available in all languages and from any language to English and vice versa.

What is the best way to translate medical reports?

When it comes to translating a medical report, only experienced medical translators understand medicine and medical language should be used. Keep in mind that the medical report you translate will be seen by doctors and hospital personnel. Any errors or faults in the translation might have potentially devastating consequences. That is why you should use a translation company with a track record of translating medical records.

Verbolabs is the top medical report translation firm

The style of language is one of the difficulties in translating medical papers. The language, which is frequently written by Medical Doctors who are rushed for time. However, laconic at best and difficult to understand at worst.

Our translators have the requisite knowledge and background to comprehend the medical jargon used in these reports. Several of our translators are medical doctors with advanced degrees in specific disciplines.

Since the records have been scanned and distributed electronically. The majority of medical reports are available in non-editable PDF file format, which is of low quality. Our experts will convert the PDF to an editable file format while keeping the original document's page layout.

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What Kinds of Medical Records Do We Translate?

All of the medical reports and papers listed below are eligible for our medical translation services:

  • Clinical Report Translation
  • Hospital Discharge Summary Translation
  • Handwritten Medical Information Translation
  • Insurance Claim Translation
  • Medical Equipment/Device Document Translation
  • Medical Report Translation
  • Blood Test Result Translation
  • MRI Test Translation
  • Medical Journal Translation
  • Prescription Translation
  • Information leaflets
  • Labels and packaging translation
  • Pharmaceutical translation
  • Consultation and doctors’ reports and records
  • Protocol translation
  • Medical book translation
  • A and E reports
  • Medical website translation

Medical Reports Certified Translation

We include a certified Statement of Accuracy certificate with every medical record we translate. If you require the translation for formal purposes, it will be a certified translation that has been approved by numerous agencies.

Do you have a deadline to meet? Even if it takes working around the clock, we’ll provide you with the medical report translations you want on time. We provide medical reports in over 60 languages, including:

1. German
2. French
3. Spanish
4. Italian
5. Russian
6. Arabic
7. Hebrew

The following sorts of reports are certified translated by us:

  1. Diagnostic reports
  2. Hospital records: bills, treatment details, etc. 
  3. Medical records
  4. Cardiology reports
  5. Pathology reports
  6. Histology reports

Medical tourism document translation

For persons who need to travel overseas for medical treatment, Verbolabs languages provides quick and accurate document translation services. We can translate medical records from English to Arabic, Russian to English, and a variety of other languages. Whenever it comes to interpreting medical documents, we recognize quality matters.

A little omission in the translation of medical papers such as medication information, prescriptions, or instructions might have major ramifications. With our rigorous proofreading and panel testing, we ensure that you receive a 100% correct translation of a medical document.

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