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Subtitling services

Subtitling services are always in great demand as it offers numerous advantages to both the service providers and the target audience. We at VerboLabs are committed to providing high-quality subtitling services to our clients. Our motive is to assure that reader understands the message while not losing the original feel of the message.

Subtitling services includes the display of the text versions of the audio dialogues in a visual or an audio content. Most of the competent companies can offer you literal translation into desired language, but we understand that our task is more than that! The subtitle translators of our company know that their job is to “Localize.” So, we use appropriate dialects and relevant idioms.

Multilingual Movie Subtitling Services At Affordable Price with Best Quality

Are you searching for Professional Subtitlers or native Subtitlers? Are you exploring for getting subtitling services at affordable rates? Are you searching for something reliable?

Welcome to VerboLabs!!

The team at VerboLabs has professional native Subtitlers who are experienced and have excellent knowledge in their field. We deliver this service in all formats at very affordable rates. We are fully equipped with the latest technology that helps us in delivering excellent service and streamlining the operations. You just need to give us the matter and leave everything on us. It is our duty to ensure that the message, film or documentary subtitled will reach the target audience in a proper manner without losing its purpose.

Subtitles Optimization

The professional translators in the company efficiently translate the dialogues of the footage. They ensure that translation style and humor added does not hamper the originality of the content. We work as per the individual needs and committed to delivering work that fulfils their expectations. The professionals make extra efforts to prevent the loss of context to engage the target audiences into original production. We are translation experts who can handle any project related to subtitling services such as translating the message for foreign audiences etc.

Target Audience

Our team of experts gathers knowledge about target audience before delivering subtitling services. They know the importance of culture while using subtitles for different countries and regions.  There are different languages and cultures are followed in different countries and regions, so our professional teams consider this factor while producing subtitles and voice overs.  Our expert Subtitlers establishes a connection with the target audiences by using appropriate and culturally relevant idioms.

Localization needs

We aim to capture localization needs too along with providing translation services. We are experts in paraphrasing the subtitles translated to reflect the relevant meaning of the footage within the offered time.  We ensure that the footage is comfortably understood by the viewer. We have a good team of supervisors who review the translated content to ensure a high level of accuracy. We have native speakers of all languages who are fluent and have complete knowledge of their source language. They possess good experience in subtitling the translated content.

Video or DVD subtitling

VerboLabs also provides video or DVD subtitling service. Subtitles generated by us for DVD are compatible with all systems whether it is for Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony etc. We also offer the high broadcast quality of video subtitles and character generators used are very sophisticated.

Format and styles

We offer different format and styles of subtitles. We provide standard format subtitles that are translated for normal people as well as translated English subtitles for deaf and those who are facing hearing difficulties. We possess a wide range of advanced formatting options and styles that help us in providing customized subtitles. We add different styles to the subtitles based on their programming. Subtitles are formatted as per your choice with different fonts, text color, and sizes, edging, drop shadow etc.

VerboLabs has multiple subtitle editors possessing necessary skills who understand the importance of time constraint and originality of the content. Delivery of the original meaning of the message within the prescribed time frame is an art and our Subtitlers are experts in this field. We assure quality services at reasonable rates. We are not here to make a fool of our clients. We commit to providing reliable services and maintain long term relation with our clients.

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