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VerboLabs offers best translation and localization services in India. With expertise and knowledge of 121+ languages, we can deliver exceptional results in various categories of localization, such as translation, transcription and transcreation. We not only cater to content localization service, but also help your brand with video localization service, software localization and website localization.


How Does Localization Work

  • Localization: Localization is the process of adapting the product, service or content of a brand as per the native language and culture of the target audience.
  • Key significance: By taking localization service, you can reach your target audience, bridge cultural gaps, gain customer satisfaction and generate high sales.
  • VerboLabs: We at VerboLabs not only provide translation and localization services for your content but also incorporate idioms and expressions that resonate with your business ideas and market demands. Our team of 10000+ language professionals of language localization possess an expertise of providing localization service in 120+ languages.
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Our Localization Process

Our translation and localization services follow the simple yet structured process of operations.

  • Understanding the client requirements

  • Following the technical guideline with specification

  • Allocating the job to experts to ensure perfect sync

  • Checking multiple parameters for quality assurance

  • Delivering the final project

What Problems Does Localization Solve?

Enter global markets

Want to explore international sectors and reach more customers? Take up our translation and localization service to tap untouched markets. The voice-over services we have make you connect to global audiences.

Enhance customer experience

Improve customer experience by choosing a website localization company that tailors your services, or websites in your preferred language, leading to customer retention.

Reach customers in their native tongue

Set your footprints in global markets with language localization to meet the cultural, linguistic, and regulatory needs of a particular segment of customers. VerboLabs, a translation and localization service provider company, can help you go global.

Rank better at search engines

A good localization service agency helps your SEO ranking by localizing your apps, websites, PDFs, graphics, videos, and textual content. Take help of a content localization service provider to rank better and generate high productivity.

Build customer trust, and improve sales

Creating customized products via language localization for your users will help you increase your reach and brand awareness.The website localization company translates your website and content into their native language with the help of a language localization service.

Uphold consistency in communication

Getting a website localization company to get your content translated with localization service will help bridge cultural nuances, engage with consumers and maintain the consistency of your interactions. You can even easily communicate with the help of a video content creation agency.

Our Localization Services



  • Translation is the simple process of converting information from one language to another by localization services.
  • At VerboLabs, we help businesses connect with their audiences, increase reach, resulting in high sales with our language localization services and website localization services.
Arranging the website


  • Transcription is adding written content for your visuals to increase the readability of the deliverables.
  • Our transcription and localization service makes it easier for the brands to showcase their content more accessible and relatable whether by website localization service or by video localization service.
Creative working


  • Transcreation is adapting the context of the video in another language with content localization service while maintaining the emotions.
  • Our expertise in localization services will get the essence of emotions in the customer’s native tongue with help of language localisation.
Profile creation

VerboLabs offers localization services in the following categories

We will help you as a website localization company to localize your website in your preferred language. Language localization makes the website more likable and favorable. Our website localization service experts understand the criticality of cultural nuances and audience requirements. By improving SEO, we customize web pages with our content localization services. This ensures effortless navigation throughout your networks and easy comprehension of the purpose you serve. 

If you want to adapt your software or mobile application to the needs of the native audience, Get our translation and localization services with the most compatible software and robust app. We make software/app adaptive to all spheres via translation and localization service. Your app’s relatability lies in the resemblance it registers to every user. The graphics and the designs are made precisely in accordance with your target customers.

Our video localization service will help you convert your video into many regional and foreign languages with language localization. This will help you to communicate with your viewers with subtitling services  and take your content to a global platform. Along with increasing your audience base, language localization keeps the essence of your brand’s vision intact.  It highly influences large sections of people together and convinces them. Video localization can be of immense importance when it comes to making your business penetrate untouched natives. 

With expertise in over 120+ languages, our content localization service will ensure that your content is fluent, readable and engaging. It is the localized content that works as a tool to help you connect with your customers. It acts as a great source of communication used mainly to inform the target audience. We, as a localization service provider, help you meet the linguistic and cultural needs of the users through language localization. The content we create is always in accordance with the structural guidelines, be it video localization service or website localization service.

Some of the segments VerboLabs have provided localization services include

software installing

Technical Translation

way to win


Learnng ideas

E-Learning Translation

Printing Documents

Brochure Translation

malware detection


Doctor vector image


Bank service

Banking Translation

document arrangement

Marketing Doc Translation

Grow globally with VerboLabs Localization services

VerboLabs’ premier localization services help you expand your horizons and grow globally. Our expert team ensures that your brand’s message is finely-tuned for diverse markets, languages, and cultures. We tailor every aspect of your website and marketing campaigns to resonate authentically with local audiences, fostering trust and boosting engagement. Whether you’re targeting new territories or enhancing customer experience in established markets, VerboLabs is your partner for success. Let’s speak the language of growth together!

Why choose VerboLabs for Professional Localization Services

In today's global marketplace, effective communication is the key to reaching out to diverse audiences. That's why localization services by VerboLabs are a valuable tool to bridge the gap by adapting your content to different regions, languages, and cultures. This ensures that your brand's message resonates authentically with local customers, thereby boosting their engagement and loyalty. With our localization services, you can adapt everything from your website to your marketing materials to create a personalized customer experience that fosters trust and drives business growth in new markets. So, if you want to connect with your audience in the most meaningful way, having our website localization services is a great way to speak their language and convey your message effectively.

Trusted by global companies

VerboLabs is a company that offers expert localization services for businesses of all sizes. We have a proven track record of helping renowned brands and innovative startups fine-tune their messages for various markets, languages, and cultures. Our precision, reliability, and commitment to excellence have helped our clients expand their reach and connect with audiences worldwide.

By choosing VerboLabs, you can join our satisfied clients who have experienced the power of our expertise in translation and localization services. We prioritize clarity and simplicity, using everyday language instead of complicated terms, acronyms, or legal jargon. We structure our text logically, with the most critical information first and short, concise sentences that are easy to understand. We also use active voice to increase clarity and highlight the sentence's subject.

If you want to start your global success story, VerboLabs is the right choice.

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