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  • Localization: Localization is the process of adapting the product, service or content of a brand as per the native language and culture of the target audience.
  • Key significance: By taking localization service, you can reach your target audience, bridge cultural gaps, gain customer satisfaction and generate high sales.
  • VerboLabs: We not only translate the words of your content but also incorporate idioms and expressions that resonate with your business ideas and market demands. Our team of 10000+ language professionals possess an expertise of 120+ languages.
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Why does your brand need Localization services?

Enter global markets

Want to explore international sectors and reach more customers? Take up our translation and localization service to tap untouched markets.

Enhance customer experience

Improve customer experience by choosing a website localization company that tailors your products, services, or websites in your preferred language, leading to customer retention.

Reach customers in their native tongue

Set your footprints in global markets to meet the cultural, linguistic, and regulatory needs of a particular segment of customers. VerboLabs, a translation and language localization company, can help you go global.

Rank better at search engines

A good localization agency helps your SEO ranking by localizing your apps, websites, PDFs, graphics, videos, and textual content. Take a content localization service provider to rank better and generate high productivity.

Build customer trust, and improve sales

Creating customized products for your users will help you increase your reach and brand awareness. Translating your website and content into their native language with the help of a language localization service provider is effective.

Uphold consistency in communication

Getting your website and content localized will help bridge cultural nuances, engage with consumers and maintain the consistency of your interactions.

Our Localization Services



  • Translation is the simple process of converting information from one language to another.
  • At VerboLabs, we help businesses connect with their audiences, increase reach, resulting in high sales.
Arranging the website


  • Transcription is adding written content for your visuals to increase the readability of the deliverables.
  • Our transcription and localization service makes it easier for the brands to showcase their content more accessible and relatable.
Creative working


  • Transcreation is adapting the context of the video in another language while maintaining the emotions.
  • Our expertise in language localization will get the essence of emotions in the customer’s native tongue.
Profile creation

VerboLabs offers localization services in the following categories

We will help you localize your website in your preferred language. Our website localization service understands the criticality of cultural nuances and audience requirements. 


Do you want to adapt your software or mobile application to the needs of the native audience? Get our translation and localization services to have the most compatible software and robust app.

Our video localization service will help you convert your one video into many regional and foreign languages. This will help you to communicate with your viewers and take your content to a global platform. 

With expertise in over 120+ languages, our content localization service will ensure that your content is fluent, readable and engaging. We will help you meet the linguistic and cultural needs of the users. 


Some of the segments VerboLabs have provided localization services include

software installing

Technical Translation

way to win


Learnng ideas

E-Learning Translation

Printing Documents

Brochure Translation

malware detection


Doctor vector image


Bank service

Banking Translation

document arrangement

Marketing Doc Translation

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