Technical Translation

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Advanced Technical Translation Services from Trained Professionals

One of the biggest demands in technical translation is ensuring consistent and precise translation of words for the target language. A word in a specialized dictionary can have about 300 translations, meaning one word can have several meanings. A certified technical translation service knows the art of using the correct definition of the word that fits the context precisely.

VerboLabs, a global business, understands the importance of maintaining linguistic accuracy and technical precision. We are positioned as one of the most professional technical translation services for being consistent with delivering technical translation with the highest level of linguistic quality. Our highly trained translators have advanced technical degrees, like PhD or MSEE, and years of industry expertise, making them ideal for offering customized Certified Technical Translation Services in more than 120 languages.

Why Should You Choose Us?

A professional technical translation agency, such as VerboLabs, is backed by industry specialists and has in-depth knowledge of technical specifications and industry-specific terminology. Availing our technical translation services, you can operate across borders seamlessly, adhere to local regulations and communicate effectively with international stakeholders.

Areas Covered by Our Technical Translation Services
  • Technical e-learning modules
  • Research Papers
  • Engineering Data
  • User Guides
  • Operation manuals
  • Electronic manuals (for gadgets)
  • Instructions and guidelines
  • Scientific Papers
  • Patents and patent application
  • Safety instructions
  • White papers
  • Product sheets
  • Tender documents
  • Company prospectus
  • Catalogs
Perks Associated with Our Online Technical Translation Services
  • Explore new territories seamlessly: Whether you are launching a new product that needs manual translation in different languages or you need health and safety documentation, you can count on us.
  • Certified quality and expertise: Our certified experts ensure your technical translation is of the highest quality and that there is no room for misinterpretation in documents.
  • Understands cultural differences: Our professional technical translation service understands the target audience, ensuring the document conveys the right message in the right content.
  • Rapid Delivery: We strive to be the best technical translation agency and thus ensure you accurately translate your documents before the deadline without compromising their quality.
  • Flexible to handle any file format: Whether it is technical publication translation or technical manual translation services, our experts can accurately translate in any form. We also support file formats like XML, Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign or any other document file formats.
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