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With the help of VerboLabs Languages, you can transform your app into a global success. Through our localization services, we will localize the user interface (UI) and update any other aspects necessary for release in various languages and markets, such as keywords or descriptions, which improve visibility on app stores across all these regions, resulting in higher sales rates by over 30%.

Why Is App Localization Important?

The global marketplace is a competitive, ever-changing environment. There are many ways for businesses to stand out in this highly evolved world of ours. One way is localization--the process of adapting your product or service into other languages to be more efficiently served by those who speak them fluently. If you want success competing internationally, make sure all aspects - from design down to marketing strategy -are globally applicable!

It's not just the technology that we go online with, and it's also how close everyone has become. Mobile devices have made a huge impact in many countries and parts of the world. There was once only landline access for telecommunication services; now, people use their phones to take care of business or connect socially instead--leaving these old-fashioned connections behind like outdated technologies themselves!

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Reasons To Choose VerboLabs Languages

1. Improve the International User Experience

Despite most activity on mobile devices now occurring through apps rather than browsers, most people still uninstall them within minutes. This means that it is exceptionally important for your app to be localized so that users can interact with it properly and understand what you are trying to say without any language barriers!

2. Boost App Store Visibility

With over 700 million users worldwide, it's no wonder that more people want to download your app. But what if they could do so in their native language? With localizing an iOS or Android listing on either the iTunes App Store or Google Play store, you will increase discoverability and readability for international consumers, meaning downloads may jump up 767%.

3. Multiply App Downloads Overseas

One of the most important ways to increase downloads and revenue from your app is localizing it. A recent study found that by translating iPhone application texts into localized versions, 128% more people are downloading these apps than before!

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As the number and penetration of smartphones continue to grow, it is important for businesses and consumers that they leverage this opportunity. App localization can help you produce quality applications with a strong footprint in your target market, so people who want them will find them on their device!

It’s easy to boost your global visibility and multiply downloads by translating the app into other languages. Localizing it will also help you rank higher in countries with few apps, which means more people can find out about what you have on offer!

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