Certificate Translation

Certificate Translation

High-quality Certificate Translation Services

Certified translations are for official uses where you need to verify the accuracy of your translation. This type is commonly required in submitting applications with Immigration (USCIS), universities, and courts, among many other government agencies. This certified translation will ensure that all word-for-word transfers meet high standards, so there's no mistranslation or missed phrase!

Our Broad Range of Certificate Translation Services

The more specific you are with your document, the better. For example, suppose a birth certificate requires that all dates be translated into English. This should not affect anything else because it will just say "date" instead, which would suffice for what's being asked from an informational standpoint. A lot can change when going through something like proving identity or other related authentication; like this, making sure each detail remains intact is key, especially since there could exist in different types. Hire our professional translation services, and you will be satisfied with the outcome. We offer industry experience for all of your projects, no matter what!

Types of Certificate Needing Translation

Certificate translation can be a tricky business. Many different techniques and theories go into the process, but these top ones will help you start your new career as an immigrant or international student!

  • 1

    Birth Certificate

  • 2


  • 3

    Vaccination Records

  • 4

    Driver's License

  • 5


  • 6

    Medical Records

  • 7

    Bank Statement

  • 8

    Marriage Certificate

  • 9


  • 10

    Death Certificate

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Low-Cost Services

Our team of dedicated professionals can deliver your documents within 24 hours, even if you need them translated right away. You can rest assured that we will be completely transparent about our costs, and you'll know exactly what to expect from the start. We never charge hidden fees - just one low price at the contract ends!

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When you need a translation as soon as possible, our team of professional translators will rush-deliver 100% accurate documents within hours. We are the fastest delivery service – it's what keeps us at 99%.

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We take extra steps to ensure your translation is approved by as many people it can be used on. We provide all certified translations with company letterhead and order numbers across each page, alongside our contact information for easy reference, so you never have any worries about getting lost in the shuffle! The certified translator will sign the document on your behalf and provide a copy to authenticate their identity. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, VerboLabs Languages is among India's top providers of certified translations. We quickly provide high-quality services at an affordable price and are always at the forefront of your needs!

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