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Medical translation involves the translation of a tremendous amount of sensitive medical or healthcare documentation that needs to be reviewed exhaustively to avoid any errors. Navigating through healthcare is considered a daunting affair, especially when the care provided is not someone’s native language. We believe when delivering the best care possible, language barriers should not hinder doctors. New pharmaceutical products or medical devices are getting released every day, and this information needs to be available internationally.

VerboLabs is your gateway to acquiring accurate technical information in medical documents. We possess translators with doctorate degrees from different countries or regions who go through a rigorous quality assurance assessment before delivering medical documents or medical report translation.

Why Do You Need Medical Translation?

  • It helps you penetrate the international market
  • Reduces patient stress
  • Enhance communication
  • Time-saving
  • Good translation saves lives
  • Better medical interpretation for improvement in patient care
Areas We Cover in Medical Translation

At VerboLabs, our medical document translation service covers multiple specialist areas and disciplines which are interrelated. Some of the vital areas are:

  • Biochemistry
  • Psychiatry
  • Virology
  • Dentistry
  • Ophthalmology
  • Genetics
  • Dermatology

Types of Medical Documents Translations Our Specialists Cover:

  • Clinical trial reports translation
  • Medical case report forms translation
  • Medical prescription translation
  • Scientific Journal Articles translation
  • Clinical Protocol Documents translation
  • Patient Reported Outcomes translation
  • User manuals and user guides translation
  • Drug Registration Documents translation
  • Questionnaires translation
  • Autopsy reports translation
  • Legal and Regulation documents translation
  • Medical staff records translation
  • Pharmacological studies translation
Why Choose Us?
    • Certified medical translators and dedicated project managers
    • Security and confidentiality
      Medical document translation in 120+ languages
    • Stringent quality control process
    • On-time delivery
    • 100% accurate and quality-driven content
Leading Medical Translation Services

VerboLabs is the pioneer of healthcare translation services. The majority of our medical translators have a proven track record for handling all sorts of medical research-related documents by maintaining them with precision. Our experts follow all clinical protocols. Experience premium-quality medical translation services from professionals with years of medical and technical language mastery. Our medical translator agency is ready to assist you with any project where you may need help.

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