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Transcription Services

  • Transcription services: This is converting any speech or audio into written text or document.
  • Key Significance: Taking a transcription service for your business will help you make your content more readable and easily comprehended. 
  • VerboLabs: Our highly committed transcribers will take care of the accuracy of your transcriptions while focusing on your business expansion and reaching diverse audiences.
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Top Featured Transcription Services

Academic Transcription

Get customized transcription solutions in higher ed, early learning or in somewhere in between

Legal Transcription

We are backed by legal and criminal justice transcriptionists who will maintain strict confidentiality while creating your legal transcription.

Business Transcription

Our transcription service can go beyond your expectation to provide a satisfactory solution. You can entrust our transcription services to your local or global business to make sure your customers and employees understand your message.

Qualitative Research Transcription

Are you losing more time while trying to conduct quality research? Let our transcription experts streamline the research process and preserve the accuracy and quality of the data to maintain precision in every language.

Film & Video Transcription

You can count on our professional transcription experts for your film and video production, which includes TV broadcasting, live shows, programs, etc. We have native English language speakers who will take care of your post-editing, subtitles and captions.

Our Range of Popular Services

Bank service

Business transcription

way to win

Market research transcription

document arrangement

Data transcription

discussion between people

Voice-to-text transcription


Podcast transcription

Knowledge to people

Conference transcription

Arranging the website

YouTube transcription

Great service providers

Language transcription

Puzzle solving

Multilingual transcription

Profile creation

Why choose VerboLabs for Transcription Services?

We deliver high-quality projects through an extensive understanding of compelling translated content. We ensure that all our deliverables are as per the requirements and expectations of the brands, resulting in high sales and reach. 

Verbatim is the process of converting every word, emotion and filler exactly from the original language to the desired language. On the other hand, Nonverbatim is understanding the meaning of the content and then changing the text in the desired language.

Our translators are skilled and experienced in all the offered languages. They understand the criticality of transcription and provide services in various segments and industries. 

We transcribe the audio and videos in the desired language. Our translator’s understanding of the subject, whether it is audio or video, is precise and impactful, assisting the brand with its global audience.

Our transcribed content is precise and accurate, maintaining the meaning, tone, and originality of the content. This helps brands easily convey their message and gain global business. 

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