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    Drive your business 10X by taking advantage of our Video Creation Services in

    Animated Video

    • Animated videos are created using digital drawings, fictional elements, and motion graphics for visual appeal.
    • We can create videos that have perfect visual styles, animated elements and sound tracks to resonate with your audience.

    Video Editing

    • Video editing is the process of refining the raw footage, and adding elements with visuals to make it relatable.
    • Our experts will make your raw content more attractive, and take your business to the global market.

    Shoot-based Videos

    • Shoot based videos include real life scenarios and people to make the visuals realistic.
    • We shoot source videos on-site and refine them to create appealing and relatable videos for businesses.

    How we do it

    • Understanding the client requirements

    • Researching on the subject to get the gist of the topic

    • Creating an internal script, if not provided by the client

    • Storyboarding - to visually represent the script

    • Adding animations, super, and motions in the final design

    • Adding final voice over taken from professional artists

    • Taking feedbacks to ensure requirements are integrated

    • Delivering the final video to the client

    VerboLabs; Your Gateway to Global Business!

    We are a leading brand in the localization and content production industries. Our services include producing and localizing content, creating videos, crafting graphic designs, as well as dubbing and giving voiceovers.

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