Multimedia Translation

Multimedia Translation

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Want to make your narration be heard across borders with our multimedia translation services

The multimedia industry is on the boom in the present times. The audience is no longer limited to one language or one culture. This calls for translation in the entertainment industry for the better depiction of content. Multimedia translation helps to accommodate cultural references and establish a better connection with its audiences.

The globalization of communication has become the new normal, even more important. We receive translation requests from the multimedia channels like, cinema, television, advertisements, theatre, and all fields of audiovisual communication. For all the industries looking for multimedia translation, we at Verbolabs offer the following services:


Subtitling is one of the most asked for services. It is simply a translation of the dialogues in a different language written over the video or images. This service is more prevalent for web series, films, documentaries, TV programs, and advertisements intended to target the international audience. There are both inter and intra-lingual multimedia translation services that aid filmmakers reach audiences abroad. And transcription of the spoken dialogues is the one that needs a lot of attention. At Verbolabs we offer

  • Clarity in transcription
  • 100% accurate subtitles for the foreign audience
  • Apt readability and deliverability

Dubbing and Voice Over

Nowadays, rather than making a new documentary, corporate video, series, etc., dubbing and voice-over are preferred. It is a post-production process that offers the makers of the videos to relax. With efficient, knowledgeable, error-proof dubbing, with the same documentary, the makers can reach people from distinct cultures, backgrounds, and languages. It is one of the most crucial parts because any incorrect pronunciation can break the connection. The team of experts at Verbolabs offer a creative dub backed by accurate translation of emotion and dialogues. Our efficient team of translators focus on skillful adaptation of words and emotions into the dub.

What special things do we have to offer?

  • We have the best combination of skills and technology that pushes your brand a notch higher every time. It allows us to provide you with the best services that you can trust.
  • Our services also include multimedia translation that is urgently required. When you delegate the responsibility of multimedia translation to us, we ensure that from the initiation and management to the final delivery of the project, you do not have to bear any stress.
  • We have the cream talent of multimedia translation service specialists from all over the world. With skilled techniques and in-depth domain knowledge, our translators make sure you can leverage our services to get the best results.

Multimedia translation is a way in which industries can serve a mass audience without having to put in much effort. You can outsource the translation department to Verbolabs and within no time, you can expect the best results in town. Whether it is for children's animation or documentaries for the students and researchers, we have expertise in all fields.

So, if you are from the multimedia industry and wish to reach a universal audience, Verbolabs is the right place for you. We take the responsibility of your results and guarantee success and accuracy.

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