Patent Translation

Patent Translation

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Protect your intellectual property globally today

Because there is every reason for a company to expand across borders, it is vital to choose the right words for patent translation. Verbolabs offers you concrete documentation of your translated property rights and patents.

A patent is the exclusive intellectual property right given to the makers of the product to prevent others from claiming ownership or manufacturing rights. It is strictly limited to the country where the patent was issued. But to be the sole righteous owner throughout the world, getting the patent everywhere becomes crucial.

Trusted services for your organization by Verbolabs

Verbolabs patent translation services allow you to keep your valuable inventions protected and offer 100% accuracy in the translated documents. Our solutions are scalable, and our translators are oracles of their domain. The team understands the terms of the documents and ensures that there is no chance of error.

Our translators have worked in the industry long and guarantee successful and timely translations. From office actions, patent specifications, correspondence from the lawyers, etc., whatever is needed is specifically researched and then included in the translated documents by our writers.

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We offer the expertise that you can only expect from professionals

An efficient patent translation needs accuracy, conciseness, concreteness, discretion, language expertise, understanding of the subject, glossary of terms, and our translators are skilled technologists. They have in-depth knowledge of everything mentioned above. Without having to explain things minutely to them, you can expect great results.

The patent is a technical document that confirms and restricts intellectual rights. Indeed, it requires a skillset and comprehension. Our translators are the cream ones from across the globe and value trust. They consider the project to be theirs and curate documentation with utmost courtesy and expertise.

What makes us apart from others?

Inventions are not easy. Translating them takes a toll on the translator’s mind because even the smallest of mistakes can become a regret for a lifetime. But you need not worry. Translators at Verbolabs are the ones you can trust. Our team possesses the following skills that are the basis for guaranteeing results to our clients.

  • Legal domain expertise

We delegate your work only to the translators who possess legal competence. Without the proper understanding of the patent application and filing process, there are chances of mistakes. But we have a team that dedicatedly works for legal patent translations. We have got you covered.

  • Technical proficiency

Technical expertise also involves the conceptual clarity and perception of the terminologies. And our translators understand the translation needs and work with precision and accuracy. It is the technical grasp over things that allows us to give you the final documentation in no time.

  • Command over the Language 

We ensure that the translators are the best speakers and readers of their language. Without this, we do not onboard the translators with us. Also, our translators have genuineness, and we can ensure that your document will be naturally written, keeping in mind the intent of translation.

Our translators fulfill the requirements for being the best. And we manage your patent translations effortlessly. So, if you are looking for someone to help you protect your intellectual property, Verbolabs is the solution for you.

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