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Our team of world-class professionals is available to get the job done as soon as you submit your order. Our 24/7 expert transcribers can accurately convert audio and video files into text so that we might have it ready before bed, which means less time spent waiting for things during off-hours or on weekends!

Why Is Transcription Important?

Language barriers are a challenge in the field of translation, but with transcription, one can be professionally familiar with every language or dialect. This ensures that knowledge and information can easily reach people who need them most! VerboLabs Languages is a one-stop-shop for any company looking to get ahead in the competitive world of business. Whether you need translation, interpretation, or transcription services - they have what it takes! Transcribing recorded speech can be difficult, so having an experienced team that knows how best to handle these challenges makes all the difference when clients rely on quality results each day.

Types of Transcription Services Available at VerboLabs Languages

We are the go-to for transcripts. Our team has years of experience and is perfect at what they do, making sure each transcript meets your 100% satisfaction guaranteed standards with a quick turnaround time that will not disappoint!

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We offer a variety of transcription services such as:

We offer a fast, accurate service that will turn your audio or video file into an accurate text transcription in less than 12 hours. You can download the transcript as well if you need it quicker!

Verbatim Transcription

VL's expert linguists are trained to transcribe verbatim foreign language transcripts. They capture all spoken words, including fillers, “ah" uh umms," and throat-clearing noises that occur naturally during conversation or questioning in court cases where behavior is just as important for understanding what someone says.

Powerful Transcription Tools

We strive to be the most customer-centric transcription service by building a suite of powerful tools that enable clients and their customers to review orders, notate conversations live as they happen, or transpose them over from other sources. The goal here is to increase our services beyond just delivering transcripts in one easy place for customers.

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Every company needs to find a way of maintaining good communication with their customers, who share information from confidential ones. Suppose you have audio or video files in different languages, and it's crucial that someone can understand what they convey. In that case, this will help your business compete against other companies better because we're all human beings before anything else!

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