10 reasons why IT companies choose animated explainer videos to describe there complex

10 Compelling Reasons IT Companies Choose Animated Explainer Videos for Product Communication

Human minds tend to absorb information from visuals 60,000 times faster than text, allowing explainer videos to be effective for conveying messages within a short period of time. Research has also shown that viewers tend to retain 95% of messages when watching videos compared to only 10% when reading text. Customers, as well as employees, will easily be able to understand the concept of the product without requiring any details or explanation.

Explainer videos last for 90 seconds and include visuals and an engaging script that instantly grabs the attention of viewers. They can also be used as a tutorial explaining particular features and functions of software platforms or apps.

In the dynamic landscape of the IT industry, where complexity often reigns, animated explainer videos have become a strategic choice for companies looking to convey promotional video creation services effectively. Here’s a breakdown of the top reasons why IT firms opt for animated explainer videos:

1. Increases conversion rates

85% of customers are more likely to buy your product or service after watching an explainer video. It is the best way of showing your product/service to a wider market. It enhances customers’ understanding since it shows features and benefits and explains how the product will resolve a specific issue of the customer. 

2. Helps in your organic ranking

Search engines like Google have started to favour videos over formats of content when showcasing organic search results. So, when you are presenting a killer video on a topic you wish to rank for, the better your possibility of Google showcasing it on the SERPs

3. Proves you are the best 

Animated explainer videos serve as your dynamic storytellers, simplifying intricate products or concepts with ease. But that is not all they are designed to do. In these animated narratives, education meets engagement. Answering consumer questions becomes a seamless conversation, guiding them toward a decisive choice regarding your product or service. These videos aren’t just a demonstration. They’re an interactive space where potential customers gain insights, fostering a clear path to decision-making. It effortlessly positions your brand as the superior choice. In a concise and visually compelling manner, they articulate why your offering stands out, making it crystal clear why you’re the optimal selection compared to competitors.

4. Makes complex topics easy to digest 

Another reason why IT companies should use animated explainer videos is to explain the complex processes of their products or services. Animated explainer videos break down the most complex ideas, concepts, and features of your product/service.

5. Spreads like wildfire

Animated explainer videos are easily shared and uploaded to various social media platforms. It increases brand awareness among the masses. So you won’t be taking much time to spread positive points about your product or brand. It is especially helpful for startups who want to reach a wider audience at a low cost

6. Freedom of presenting your true visuals

With animated explainer videos, you will get the creative freedom of setting the stage and explaining your product with life-like graphics, visual metaphors, and creating moments you have imagined and then explaining them to the audience to help them understand how your product/service really works. You have the power to tailor the story and graphics in a way that excites, resonates, and targets the targeted viewer as they engage with your business.

7. Easy to make edits

What if the final video requires any changes? There is a chance of you wanting to make changes. Making revisions in live-action explainer videos can be complicated and expensive. You will be required to book the location once again and call back the actors and crews.  But when you are making animated explainer videos, the animator with little more time would not mind making changes to the movement or the expression of the characters or any other subtle corrections.

8. Boost Mobile Marketing

With the increase of internet users through mobile devices, animated explainer videos have the enriching factor of reaching out to potential customers with an engaging and concise message that they can easily watch on the go. It is indeed an effective tool for mobile marketing. IT business can leave their mark in the ever-evolving world of business of mobile marketing. You will be able to ensure that the message you are conveying is getting across to the right people. It can be really instrumental in reaching new audiences and growing your business.

 9. Showcases the personality and culture of the product/service

Explainer videos aren’t just about showcasing products. They are a dynamic tool to unveil the very essence of your brand’s culture and personality.

In this visual storytelling journey, your company’s values and vision take centre stage. It’s more than a mere presentation; it’s an emotional connection waiting to happen. These videos are your canvas to paint a vivid picture of what sets your brand apart, inviting viewers to explore the unique identity that defines you

Building this connection is crucial. As viewers immerse themselves in the narrative, they don’t just see a brand; they feel it. It’s a powerful way to cultivate trust, making the path to a purchasing decision smoother. Explainer videos become the bridge between you and your audience, allowing them to understand your business on a deeper level.

10.  Makes the perfect pitch

Texts cannot really make a strong and impactful pitch as you can do with animated explainer videos. Nowadays, customers prefer to see more action and entertainment than simply reading a text. Customers receive the message in the video with clever animations, a powerful and convincing script, powerful visuals, entertaining cartoon characters, a riveting storyline, and background music.


In the realm of IT, where information is intricate, and attention spans are short, animated explainer videos emerge not only as a communication tool but as a catalyst for brand success. It’s a journey into the heart of innovation, where clarity meets creativity, transforming complex ideas into compelling narratives that resonate with a global audience. Embrace the power of animated explainer videos in your promotional video creation services and elevate your IT brand to new heights of engagement and success.

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