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7 Actionable Tips to Create an Impactive Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos are being used in endless marketing campaigns. You need careful planning and execution to create a successful animated explainer video. Videos at present are one of the powerful ways of capturing the psyche of viewers. 97% of businesses agree that with explainer videos, they are able to convey their messages better to potential customers. Through fun-filled animated characters, bold design, and the right colours, marketers can build brand recognition, brand awareness, brand engagement, brand identity and customer loyalty. 

Businesses can easily now convey complicated messages in a simpler, more engaging and easily digestible form. Animation explainer videos are mostly used by businesses for conveying messages in internal training, launching new products, and explaining a service. Promoting an offer, product uses tutorials, health and safety guide, customer support or sharing a company story. Brands can inform their target audience about a crucial topic through animated explainer videos, which would otherwise have been tricky to explain through text alone.

We are going to explore 7 crucial tips that will help you create an impressive and engaging animated explainer video.

  1. Understand your target audience

Before you dive into the creative process, it is essential to get a clear understanding of your target audience. Conduct detailed marketing research to identify the demographics, preferences and pain points of your target audience. Gaining such knowledge will help in tailoring your scripts, visuals and tone of voice. You will be able to gain maximum engagement with your viewers.

  1. Define your objective

It is also essential that you clearly define the objective of your animated explainer video. Are you trying to enhance brand awareness? Are you trying to educate your audience on the product or service? Defining the objective will guide the overall direction and messaging of the video.

  1. Visualise your story

Leveraging visual storytelling techniques is essential when creating captivating content. Make sure to develop visually appealing character settings that perfectly align with your brand identity.  No one will be saying no to a good story. Stories tend to have universal appeal, unlike cold sales which is hated by most. Usually, they begin with the problem that your customers usually face, propose their solutions, and explain the mechanics behind how the product works for the customer and then comes the CTA (call to action). But you can make it even more effective by adding it in the form of your story which is drool-worthy, clever 

  1. Keep it short

Explainer videos tend to be impactful when they are short.  Generally, these videos are 90 minutes. Unless there is not a special requirement for the video to be more than 2 minutes, make sure never to cross that threshold.  A random viewer will not be investing a lot of time when watching marketing videos. This is why it’s necessary to create compelling material while making sure the video is less than 90 seconds. 

  1. Watch your tone

Make sure your tone does not come across as preachy or condescending. The purpose of your video is not to scare away the customers but to lure them in. So, keep the tone you want to use in mind before starting it. The best way to start it is by writing down a short paragraph to figure out how you want to really sound.

  1. Pick appropriate voiceover & sound effects

The voiceover you choose will set the overall tone for your animated explainer video. Hence, it is necessary to pick a voice that complements your brand and also resonates with your target audience. Make sure to incorporate sound effects so you may be able to improve the overall viewing experience and thus make the video look more memorable.

  1. Optimize for distribution

When you are done creating an engaging animated explainer video, it is vital to optimize it for distribution across various platforms. You must consider the resolution as well as the aspect ratio requirements of various social media channels or websites where you are planning to share your video. Add relevant tags and keywords to enhance the visibility in search results. 

As you follow these tips, you will be able to create an animated explainer video that engages your audience effectively, conveys your message, and helps you achieve your marketing objectives.

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