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Are You A Social Media Influencer?

Social Media influencers have a reputation of authority and knowledge about a particular topic. They share their expertise with others via social platforms. Generally speaking, you are a social media influencer if you use your ability to influence others on a social platform.

What Type of Influencer are you?

There are five types of influencers to choose from:

  • Mega-influencers
  • Macro-influencers
  • Mid-tier influencer
  • Micro-influencer
  • Nano-influencer


Influencers with over a million followers, like your favorite celebrities, fall under this category. They are very active, frequently share posts, and aim to generate a lot of engagement with their followers. Studies have shown that the engagement rate decreases as followers rise. These influencers attract a ton of brands which makes them incredibly expensive.


Influencers with a slightly smaller audience, ranging between 500K and one million followers fall under this category.These people may be celebrities, sportspersons, or Tv personalities. Macro-influencers charge a lot for their post because the engagement ratio is much higher than Mega-influencers. Their content is professional, and some brands find them perfect for their audience.

Mid-tier influencers

Mid-tier influencers are another powerful group of influencers, with their followers between 50K and 500K. These influencers are more engaged and authentic, with a lot of familiarity with their audience. Most Mid-tier influencers have moved up the ladder from Nano-influencers. New and upcoming brands use these influencers to educate people about their products.


While the number of followers is much smaller, they are the most effective in terms of engagement. According to a study, 80 percent of followers are likely to buy the product recommended by these influencers. Their followers range between 50K and 10K and the posts are much more relatable and genuine.


Nano-influencers have the smallest number of followers, somewhere between 5k to 10k. These influencers have the highest engagement ratio. Brands find them cost-effective and cater to their audience with a personal touch. While this may be the first step for many Micro and Mid-tier influencers, the content is the most authentic and relatable.

So, what type of influencer are you? Which category do you fall into? Are you satisfied with your reach and growth? If you take a little time getting to know what can help you gain more followers and increase your space with the audience worldwide. We can help you find a solution in various aspects of your growth journey with our Certified Translation services.

Most influencers are finding ways to increase their reach and tricks to increase views and followers. Reaching the audience to make them aware of your original posts and the knowledge and expertise you can provide them.

In this new age of the internet, Our content consumption habits are constantly changing. People are finding more and more things to try and experience—the different things in various cultures and social practices.

For example, a Korean tourist is trying to plan a trip to India. He would find places to visit and famous delicacies to try. An Indian influencer would be the best person to follow and familiarize himself with. Now the main problem that Korean tourists encounter is language. He might need help understanding Hindi and English. Here is where we can help you gain followers from different countries.

What are Multi-lingual influencers?

Multi-lingual influencers can speak various languages. It is common for people to speak three or more languages. A majority of the Indian population is Bilingual i.e.they can speak two languages. 

The rise of Polyglot influencers

A Polyglot is a person who can speak more than five languages. Several YouTubers have started Polyglot channels to connect more with their audience. Language skills can help you become a successful YouTuber.

Why do you need translation services?

The need for translation in our lives is of much more significance than we realize. English is the most widely spoken language, but the importance of translation is due to the following reasons:

  • Preference for Native Language- Few countries like Germany and Japan prefer their native language as the primary mode of communication.
  • Spreads ideas and information better- Translation can make people easily understand and accept the information. For example, Immortals of Meluha has been translated into various regional languages in India.
  • Global Reach- Translation gives better global reach for yourself and your business. Geographical barriers are much more convenient to overcome. Hence language is the only major barrier that remains.

How Verbolabs can help you overcome the linguistic barrier 

Verbolab is a one-stop language solution company. We provide over 80 global languages to cater to your translation needs better. Our professionals are well-versed and trained in multiple languages. 

Suppose you wish to expand your horizons and explore the global YouTube scene more. We can help you gain more followers from different regions around the globe. Verbolabs provides expertise in multiple fields, such as legal, academics, engineering, and medical. 

Verbolabs will help you get an accurate translation of your data so that your ideas are preserved in transition.

Our services include


We provide translation for over 80 languages, provided by our well-trained and reliable experts—unique international languages from Asia, Europe, and Africa. The vast knowledge of regional languages makes our Translation the best in the industry.

Dubbing and Voiceover services

Verbolabs can help you get into the International market. We can help you reach audiences from your non-native language-speaking country. Your ideas can reach around the globe and make you an even bigger YouTuber.

Right dubbing can make a difference between success and failure. Verbolabs assure you the highest quality of work with proper emotions so your views are understood and maintain the correct tone, pitch, and momentum.

Our company provides Hindi Dubbing and Movie Dubbing services at Verbolab Dubbing Studio.


Most international followers prefer Subtitles as, for them, the influencer’s native language provides the best experience. Anime has been on the rise over the past few years, and most anime fans prefer their shows with subtitles, as emotions are better expressed. It also gives a chance to followers to learn a new language.

Verbolab can help you subtitle all your content with the proper use of words. We make efforts to use the exact translation in our subtitles. Many times subtitles change the context and the meaning of the idea. However, with our trained professionals, we can help you better.

We at Verlobas believe in expanding our horizons and strive to provide better services for our clients. Our Professional Translation services are at par in the industry. We are motivated to deliver what our clients ask for and that too of highest quality.

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