Creating a brand voice

Creating a Brand Voice: How Language Influences Brand Identity and Perception

Creating a brand identity is like raising a child. You have to give your soul to grow the brand, which can convey what the business is and what it can do. To stand out from the competitors, the brand must show some uniqueness to its customers. And one of the most essential tools to create a unique brand personality is ‘Brand Voice’. This tool can be beneficial to convey the goal of your business and attract new customers. Before utilizing this tool, it is crucial to figure out what message you want to say to your customers and decide what kind of voice you want to give your brand. After deciding on the voice, the next step is to figure out what type of language you want to use for communication with your customers about the brand.

Let’s understand in depth what is ‘Brand Voice’ and how to use it in different languages to enhance your brand personality. 

Brand Voice: A crucial element to enhance your brand image

Brand voice is the method of communication between businesses and their customers. It helps to attract customers towards your brand by making them aware of your company’s aim, products, and services. Brand voice includes carefully selecting language, voice, tone, rhythm, and pace of spoken or written words. If you tackle the right way of utilizing brand voice in your product’s marketing, your brand’s popularity will touch the sky. 

Brand voice is not only about advertising your business through print and digital media but also includes emails, phone calls and social media posts. It is evident that no matter through which channel you are reaching your customers, the quality of your brand voice must be considered carefully. 

Example: How different products use Brand Voice to Build Brand Identity

  1. When creating a brand voice for a company selling sportswear, it’s vital to consider the target audience, brand values, and overall positioning. The brand voice for a sports apparel company must be energetic, dynamic, confident, informative, supportive, and active lifestyle focus, reflecting the joy and satisfaction of participating in sports and physical exercise.
  2. The target market, brand values, and the desired perception in the market must all be taken into account when creating a brand voice for a business providing cosmetics for beauty. A beauty products company’s brand language needs to be chic, sophisticated, uplifting, trendy, caring, and self-care oriented. 
  1. When developing a brand voice for a company selling medical products, it’s crucial to consider the seriousness of the industry and the sensitive nature of healthcare. The brand voice for a company selling medical products must be professional, trustworthy, clear, concise, empathetic, compassionate, informative, safety-focused, solution-oriented, and problem-solving. Use language highlighting the products’ benefits, features, and real-life applications, demonstrating how they can positively impact customers’ health and quality of life.

Role of language selection in Brand Voice

Language choice is crucial for a brand to communicate its identity, values, and personality effectively. The language determines the communication’s tone and style, creating a unified voice connecting with the intended audience. Language allows brands to communicate their qualities and set themselves apart from competitors. Word choice and vocabulary are significant in determining how people perceive a brand. Choosing particular phrases can arouse feelings, form memories, and elicit desired responses from consumers. Each phrase is a chance to communicate the brand’s values and positioning, whether through precise language to show mastery or approachable language to encourage connection and engagement.

The cultural environment is taken into account when choosing a language. Brands operating in several markets must be aware of cultural quirks and sensitivities. When messages are translated correctly while considering cultural context, the brand voice is maintained and favorably resonant with local audiences. Linguistic consistency across all brand touchpoints is essential for brand awareness and coherence. The language should complement the company’s visual identity, logo, and overarching brand strategy. Consistent language strengthens the brand’s identity, fosters consumer confidence, and produces a recognizable and memorable experience.

Do you need a Brand Voice to enhance your Brand Identity?

No matter the size, any company needs a brand voice to stand out from its competitors. Also, to express how important your customers are, you must induce brand voice while communicating with them through digital media, print media, emails or calls. Make sure you use the brand voice matching to the product or service you are offering because if both contradict each other, it can fire back at you. Following a planned way for developing your brand voice is vital, and here are some pointers you can use before deciding on a voice for your brand.

  1. Understanding your brand, its personality, what it stands for, and what you want to offer to your clients through your brand is the first and most crucial step in developing a brand voice.
  1. Another crucial point is to personalize your brand. Personalizing the brand voice lets you present your customers with a brand rather than a generic product. Because customers are essentially attracted by the emotions you express and the attention they receive.
  1. Choosing the right channel to deliver your brand message must be carefully considered. Engaging in multiple channels can be exhausting and ineffective. So, research and choose the suitable media for communicating and be consistent with it.


Language has a significant impact on how people perceive brands. Tone, style, vocabulary, messaging, consistency, cultural sensitivity, and emotional connection are all factors that brands should carefully take into account to develop a compelling and authentic brand voice that connects with their target audience and impacts how they are seen in the marketplace. Verbolabs can support your company and aid in strengthening your brand identity by assisting you in choosing the appropriate brand voice and language. 

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