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How to Choose a Professional Transcription Agency for Your Business – Verbolabs

For many companies today, transcription services are in high demand. There are many outsourcing firms you can hire, but the choice of the right one is always a little challenging. There are nowadays many companies in the industry that can make it quite difficult to pick the right service.

If you outsource work to a provider, the decision should not be taken solely on the basis of costs. First of all, you have to decide what type of transcription service you need. The strengths and weaknesses of each transcription services provider are unique. You can see what they offer by browsing through their website.

Things you should consider while choosing a transcription agency:

Quality & Accuracy

This is probably the main factor in deciding whether or not the services provided are worthwhile. A minimum of 99 percent accuracy is essential for reliable transcripts for every good transcription service. Also, it is important to see if the company has ISO certification or not.


In order to ensure that all customer’s data and files are kept confidential, and prevent any leakage of sensitive data, each company needs a rigorous internal process. To avoid any damage, make sure you select a supplier with an ISO Information Security Certification.


It’s also important to know the level of expertise of those who are working on your file when selecting a transcription service provider. Good transcribers have some expertise to transcribe various dialects, colloquialisms, slang, and other nuances.

Cost-effective/Value for Money

You can end up having to do your work yourself, or give the work to a second seller when you outsource your transcription to a supplier charging an incredibly cheap rate for one minute. Many providers simultaneously try to push unrealistic prices but it is not sure if they will really ensure good quality and accuracy of a file.


Check any provider of the transcription service and check whether they are who they say they are. In order to understand what they are capable of, request to see some of their previous work or examples. It is also wiser for third-party reviews and testimonials to be read on your website.

Why Choose Us?

VerboLabs Languages offers a timely, accurate, and budget-friendly means to meet all your transcription needs. With many different solutions and options, VerboLabs Languages is your one-stop solution for all things transcription because:

1. Our certified foreign language transcriptionists are fluent in their native languages’ grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and sentence formation.

2. Our professionally trained transcriptionists adhere to the confidentiality and security requirements you require, ensuring that sensitive data related to your project is kept secure with us.

3. Our transcriptionists can decode a variety of accents and dialects. We meticulously review our work and pay close attention to every detail before delivering it to you.

4. We have all of the advanced tools and policies in place to ensure your complete information security throughout the transcription process. Secure file management, secure account information, and various stringent transcriptionist data security norms are among our data security measures.

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