Let’s Look At The Advantages Of App Localization

Is your company’s app available? Is your business model centered on an app? Everyone has to start somewhere, and focusing on your home market is critical. However, once you have a popular app that is gaining downloads and positive reviews, it is time to consider mobile app localization. Why? Because having your app available in only one app store market means missing out on millions of potential sales.

It may surprise you, but did you know that the majority of internet users are not from the United States? The Asia/Pacific region has the most mobile subscribers in the world. 

  • How important is App Store Optimization?

ASO or App store optimization is a must so that you can reach out to new audiences in other countries. You need to change the title as well as the description of your app. So the best keywords need to be chosen so that visibility is enhanced. Screenshots or video trailers also would require updating.

  • Professional Services

Quite frankly, machine translation might lead to quite meaningless or useless keywords. You might be tempted to simply depend on Google translate for your website translation or even your app localization. But this might just lead to some embarrassing mistakes. Imagine statements like “slip and fall carefully”, “Be careful of missing foot”.

The only way you can avoid this is going with human translation. Opt for native speakers and some professional translation.

Advantages of app localization –

It has been seen that localized apps have a much better conversion as compared to those that are not. The increase in downloads is evidence enough. Our Hindi translators have done an excellent job with several app localizations in India.

The app description localization can be quite easy and can be done in one simple step. Also if the in-app texts are in English, your application description can include some tips or instructions which can make the app more accessible to other foreign audiences.

Financially speaking, apps are only a few hundred words. So the app localization doesn’t really cost you too much and you can recover your investment by going with some reliable top translation agencies. If the app has managed to make money in English, it will definitely be able to do so in other countries once it has been localized.

The clever way to localize your app –


VerboLabs has a smart translation management system which makes it extremely easy to incorporate app localization and website translation in your development process. That way you only need to focus on the creation and delivery of your features. This technology will make the whole process easy and quick by automating several steps in the course and also removes any delays. You will be able to localize apps for any platform or language. Our localization tool supports all standard file formats.

What can VerboLabs do for you?

  • We will deliver the best quality localized experience along with a professional human translation.
  • Our enterprise-grade API will collect your strings and enter them into the process of translation. The translated strings would return directly to you.
  • Translation memory makes sure that you pay only once for each translated string; no matter how many apps or platforms use it. Thus you will save a chunk here.
  • We have an in-context interface which lets our translators have a look at the appearance of the translation in your app. That way they can use the available space judiciously.

Do not miss out on such a great opportunity and let us help you bring your app to the outside world.

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