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The Vitality of Translation Services in Top 5 Industries

The vitality of language translation is among the highest priority for any business. High-quality translation services are essential for businesses in the run to go global. Previously, going global was more complex than it seems now. With Globalization in 1991, the country saw an immense increase in business. It opened a doorway for foreign companies to do business in India, and Indian companies started to go global soon after. Since then, interaction among businesses from different origin countries has been increasing. The increased business resulted in the accelerated need for language translation for better understanding among clients, partners, and employees in 2023. The digital revolution catalyzed the need to translate your content even more since every person in the world using a smartphone is a potential customer of your business. 

Professional translation services can help you convert the content into the required language, improve customer satisfaction, maintain content accuracy, enhance the brand’s image, and develop international business relationships. However, providing your customers with language customization of products and services in the era of highly customized brands is also crucial. To achieve this, content translation is a must. Let’s understand the top 5 industries where certified translation services will be essential in 2023. 

Here is the list of the top 5 Industries which needs translation service in 2023

  1. Tourism Industry
  2. Medical Industry
  3. Education Industry
  4. E-commerce Industry
  5. Entertainment Industry

Tourism Industry

The tourism industry instantly pops up while discussing the importance of translation services in major industries. The need for translation in this industry is highly evident because language obstacles are common here and can only be addressed with effective translation services. Today, the tourism industry offers many facilities on the web, where translation services play the most critical role.

Anyone planning to travel to another city or country will first go on the search engines and grab essential information needed for their trip. Many may not understand English or the language in which the information is written. Here

 translation services come to the rescue. Tourism-related products, such as brochures, websites, and tour guides, can be made accurate and consistent in the required language with the help of a professional translation service. All of these will increase the industry’s profit margin. Hence, it is only a win-win for your tourism brand to avail of translation services.

So, businesses dealing in tourism should keep in mind the importance of language translation services and utilize them in such a way that results in the company’s growth.

Medical Industry

The medical sector is one where translation and interpretation can be quite helpful. As a result of the medical sector’s international expansion, many pharmaceutical businesses are in great need of medical translation services. Companies might request the translation of doctor manuals, patient records, medical records, pamphlets, reports, instructions, and prescriptions into the language of the nation they wish to target, but this might only be useful if the material is accurate.

Additionally, miscommunication of information caused in the medical industry due to translation gaps can be dangerous, as inaccurate health data can harm the patient’s health and the hospital’s reputation. Hence, the translation accuracy is quite significant, and it is crucial to pick the right medical translation company for the win.

Education Industry

The education sector is one of the critical sectors responsible for advancing the development of a country. The education and learning sector needs precise and accurate translation services to serve a large audience. Today, education is not limited to classrooms; it has gone global through the internet. Thanks to digitalization and globalization, people now benefit from international education and multilingual skills. 

Expert education translation services can assist teachers in teaching in several languages. These services provide multilingual translation for educational materials such as textbooks, tests, admission forms, school refunds, educational websites, software, and records. These language specialists work with instructional content, commercials, and marketing materials to assist the education industry in reaching out to individuals worldwide. So, it’s evident that no one can deny the importance of quality translation services in the education sector. 

E-commerce Industry

The use of digital platforms for shopping is growing, causing a boom in the e-commerce sector. In today’s age, consumers prefer to purchase goods with product details in their native tongue. Subsequently, the e-commerce industry has to use translation services to expand globally. 

E-commerce businesses enable customers worldwide to shop and make purchases while remaining in the comfort of their homes. Because of this, they require prompt and precise translations of all the product details and documents. If stats are to be believed, users spend more time on a website if they are comfortable with the language. This increases the chances of the potential customer to make the purchase decision. Additionally, the translation services can interpret trade files, transactions, records, websites, retail software, and other documents. Such assistance will enable any e-commerce provider to provide better customer service and improve the profit margin of their business. 

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is one of the major industries with the highest need for translation services. Because, without translation, the multilingual audience cannot understand and enjoy the content. Entertainment content like films, web series, short videos, etc., are created in one language, but people knowing different languages can enjoy it only when translated into their native tongue. Many translation agencies provide quality and accurate translation in multiple languages. Hence, the entertainment industry needs good translation service providers to help enhance the customer experience and the company’s growth.


It is now clear how vital translation services are to various sectors. Whether the business operates on a large or small scale, translation services will always be helpful. Verbolabs offers translation of content in 120+ languages to help businesses expand the reach of their content so that more and more people can consume the content in their comfort language. 

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