Top 10 Localization Companies in India

Top 10 Localization Companies in India

Companies looking to localize in India, whether to expand or approach diversity, are
employing translation services companies in greater numbers than ever before to make a
strong mark for their brand. In India, there are a number of certified translation services, and
these translation firms are equipped with competent employees and language experts to
help businesses overcome language barriers and execute their operations by providing
professional translation services.

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, professional translation
services have become a necessity, and in order to engage with such a diverse market, you’ll
need to hire a dependable and trustworthy translation agency that can assist you with
website content, marketing materials, online platforms, and corporate documents, among
other things. If you’re searching for something similar for your company, here’s a list of the
top 10 translation companies in India that may meet your demands while also assisting you
in growing your company.

1) VerboLabs Languages

VerboLabs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified language translation company, and one of the best
localization companies in India
. They have localized over 100 million words for over 200
clients in 60+ main worldwide languages in the last four years. Their two levels of quality
assurance and superior technology offer the best-localized content faster and easier, thanks
to their big pool of over 1200 professional localization experts. Above all, they provide the
client with exactly what they require: high-quality output.

2) Tridindia IT Translation Services

This company was founded 15 years ago with the goal of providing online translation
services. Tridindia has established itself as one of the most reputable and trusted
organizations in the country over the years. The company’s professional approach and
multilingual competence have propelled it to the top ten ranking. Despite the fact that it is
privately operated, it provides quality translation services in over 3000 languages. This figure
justifies the fact that Fortune 500 firms account for more than 40% of Tridindia’s clients.

3) Abayam Translation Services in India

Abayam, one of India’s oldest translation businesses, also offers attestation and
interpretation services, making it one of the country’s most popular translation agencies. The
company serves the majority of clients in the healthcare, medicine, retail, e-commerce,
electronics, software, retail, manufacturing, and other industries with a wide range of
translation services.

4) Lisan India

Lisan India is another key player in the translation sector, with a reputation for providing a
wide range of language-specific solutions to multinational enterprises. Lisan India was

founded in 2013 in the nation’s capital, Delhi, and has since grown to become one of the
fastest-growing firms in the fields of localization, translation, interpretation, and content

5) Translingua Global

Translingua Global is based in Mumbai, India’s financial hub, and has grown to become one
of the country’s largest translation service providers. The company makes it to the list of top
10 translation companies in India as it has been a pioneer in breaking down geographical
barriers and provides translation and interpretation services to a wide range of industries,
including education, science, technology, business, banking, culture, and entertainment.

6) Mars Translation

Mars Translation is one of the most well-known translation companies in the world. They
provide outstanding translation, interpretation, and other services in practically every country
on the planet. It has over 17 years of expertise providing perfect translations for a variety of
corporate sectors.

Website translations, game and software localization, e-commerce translation, subtitling,
captions, and a variety of other services are all covered. Tourism, manufacturing, healthcare,
finance, home appliances, information technology, and a variety of other industries are
among the primary industries they cover. Furthermore, they cover approximately 120 distinct
languages spoken all over the world.

7) Somya Translation Pvt. Ltd

Somya, a certified privately held organization situated in Delhi, is another translation
company. Somya has supplied a large number of translations in a pair of over 100
languages to its global clientele since its inception. The organization is well-known for its
error-free translations and professional translation technique.

8) Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited

Lyric Labs India is the industry leader in translation services in the country, with a team of
over 1500 linguistic professionals. Since 2005, the company has served customers from a
variety of industries, and its language staff has provided high-quality translation.

9) Linguainfo Language Translation Company

Linguainfo, a well-known translation agency, is another well-known name in the industry,
providing quality professional translation services. The organization has quickly risen
through the ranks of the translation industry by delivering comprehensive translation
solutions to worldwide corporations in just ten years. The automotive, electronic, life
sciences, manufacturing, and retail industries are all served by the company.

10) Bhasha Bharati Arts

Bhasha Bharati is one of the top ten translation companies in India, and it has a strong
reputation thanks to its extensive experience and the presence of a talented team of native
language experts. It works with a keen eye for detail and guarantees customer satisfaction at
a low cost. It is an ISO recognized company and a proud member of the American
Translators Association, so you can count on it for high-quality outcomes.

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