Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Voiceover & Dubbing

Whenever we start something new, we always commit some mistakes. However, sometimes we commit some mistakes unknowingly. And it usually happens while providing voice-overs and dubbing. Beginners commit plenty of errors that harm the whole team. Currently, the careers in voice-overs and dubbing are leading the industry. Almost all the drives have switched themselves as multilingual. Thus, the need for voice actors has developed on a vast scale. Today we will discuss some mistakes which most of the beginners commit while providing voice-overs and dubbings.

Top 5 Mistakes while Dubbing

The top 5 mistakes while dubbing is as follows:

Low-Quality Equipment

When a voice actor purchases low-cost equipment, it is their first mistake. The choice of equipment highly matters while dubbing. The purchase decision can lead to disappointment and low-quality voice recordings. Especially when buying a microphone, you should not go with the cheapest as it is not a wise decision. Instead, Idhar accepts expensive mikes as they record your voice and help you get your desired jobs.

Find the right equipment that fulfills all your needs and is also suitably fit in your budget.

Don’t Rely on Editing

Most of the time, beginners rely on editing to fix reverberations and echoes. Because when the audio goes for editing and processing, less is more. Using too many noise reductions to repair an audio damages its quality and the original recording intact. Therefore never avoid and reverberations during a recording. It is better to use soundproof rooms to prevent background noise.

Avoid Mouth Noises

Firstly you must understand what mouth noises are? Mouth noise involves annoying pops, smacks, and click noises during the voice recordings, which are highly noticeable and referred to as huge mistakes. Most beginners unknowingly make this mistake by their saliva, teeth, or tongue to create sticky sounds. So the error is standard among most beginners. When we amplify voice recordings, these unwanted sounds or unpleasant to hear; therefore, it’s better to take prevention before.

Keep drinking water regularly to avoid mouth noises. Always stay hydrated adequately while recording audio. You can also drink some water before stepping in front of your mic. But do not drink excess water before recording as they might also create mouth noises. Keep drinking water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, and you want to face any mouth noises problem.

Poor Demo

Demo serves as your resume in the field of providing voice-overs and dubbings. Most of the time, you record a demo and never update it. It results in having an inadequate resume or demo. Show your skills at your most in the demos. You can also prepare and ensure that you are hitting all the bases in your demo. Providing a quality demo and sample can help you in getting high-paid jobs.

Never Set the Audio Volume too Low

In a voice-over project, most of the clients listen to a series of voice-over auditions. If you keep your volume too low, then it might be read as your disadvantage. Instead, normalize your audio by ensuring loud to hear voices.

These are the most common mistakes which people commit while dubbing.


Don’t rely on editing to provide polished dubbing. It is necessary to meet all the requirements and give the best voice of yours to your client. Use preventions for all your mistakes and try to avoid them. Ultimately you will stand out from the crowd.

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