Top 5 Tools For Translators To Increase Quality And Productivity

The process of translation is sometimes complex due to multiple topics and more research requirements. Further, the translated text should be clear and understandable so that readers can understand it easily. Currently, there are plenty of tools that help improve the text’s consistency, quality, and efficiency. Today we will know about all those translation tools which help in increasing the effectiveness and quality of the text translated.

Translation Tools

The translation tools which helps in increasing the productivity and quality of the text are as follows:

The Free Dictionary

This complete site is available in a broad range of languages, a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia in one. Get free access to medical, economic, and criminal dictionaries, a great series of idioms, acronyms, quotes, and countless languages barring English, such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese. The encyclopedia additionally has sections up to date regularly, supplying customers a phrase or article of the day. The free mobile software is well-matched with iOS and Android devices.

Translators Cafe

As the name says, translator cafe is made for translators to convert their text better. It is an online community where you can ask your doubts and take advice from experienced translators. The professional translators will help you in informing your text more effectively. The registration is completely free for both professors as well as amateur translators. Members of translators cafes can bid rapidly and acquire jobs at no extra cost. The employers can also contact the freelancers depending upon the birds and the information they want to translate. There is no mediator involved if you assist one for your help. You can directly pay the person you hired. Moreover, a translators cafe is the best place to translate your text into quality and refined form.

Wordfast Pro

The multi-platform tool is made to improve the process of translation. It has project managers to freelancer translators so you can choose your desired one. Wordfast Pro helps you in doing magnificent text translations. However, there is only one limitation that you can translate only to the size of 500 units. It is pretty similar to kat tools that you can import and export in the demo version, and you can use it unlimited times. You do not need to pay extra if you want tutorials and support from the customer support team of Wordfast pro. It is why it is a suitable platform if you wish translation help.

Microsoft Language Portal

Microsoft language portal is specially designed for IT and software sectors. It helps the users to search the translations of Microsoft turns and its terminologies. It contains more than 25000 terms which include English words and definitions. This platform provides translation of more than a hundred languages, and you can translate your desired text. To get better results, you can download the Microsoft terminology collection. It would help in the rapid translation of Microsoft-style translations and any other form of IT translations. Thus, it is an ideal platform if you are looking for translation tools.


A free translation memory tool, OmegaT is an open-source software program that approves translators tO work extra correctly via fuzzy matching (computer-assisted translation) and automated fit propagation. Its effective equipment consists of the Unicode (UTF-8) aid used with non-Latin alphabets, an indispensable spell checker, and compatibility with different translation reminiscence applications. These are the translation tools that will help you in forming a better and effective translation.

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