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What Are The Qualities Required For A Human Translation

Is your company planning to expand in other countries and do you have a Website translation project on the go? Well, then you need a localization team which would probably include human translation, project managers, editors, desktop publishing specialists, and proofreaders. Now, if you work with one of the top translation agencies; that would certainly ease your burden. That said there might be times when you need to work directly with a professional translator.

We understand that it might be hard to find a good translator. So here we have given you some qualities that you might want to look out for in your translator or human translation process:

Native Speaker


It would be an added advantage if your translator is a native speaker of the language that you wish to target. This ensures an in-depth knowledge of the cultures involved. As human translation is not about linguistics; it is also about cultural adaptation. Frankly speaking, it shouldn’t look like a translation; it should seem like something original.

Expertise in English


It is expected that the translator should also have an almost native command of English; that is if English is supposed to be the source language. If not, it is quite possible that he misses out on some of the subtleties in the text.



You would need to consider the number of years the translator has backing him and the kind of experience. It is desirable that the translator have education and experience in linguistics, maybe language teaching or human translation. If the translator has vast experience backing him, then one also needs to check how he is keeping himself updated.



There needs to be a proper balance between certification and good experience. You probably are on the lookout for a certified translator; that is good. However, do not overlook a very qualified and experienced translator in favor of one who is certified.



You have every right to negotiate with your translator. He needs to be open to flexible pay for special circumstances like maybe high-volume projects or other unique situations.

CAT Tools


It is an added advantage for a translator to have some experience with major CAT tools. You might need to give this some consideration. After all, most language service companies surely work with CAT tools on quite a regular basis. In fact, probably you also have some in-house CAT tools.



More than a general translator it is best to have qualified translators. Some projects need specialized knowledge. Hence you would need to bring in a translator who is specialized in your specific field. Only then would you be able to get good quality human translations and website translations.

Attention to detail


One of the key ingredients of a good quality assurance process is attention to detail. Small things like formatting, numbers or punctuation are ultimately very important and need to be given close attention.

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