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What Are The Things To Do When You Miss Out An Important Meeting?

A lot of things turn upside down when you miss an important meeting scheduled. Especially, if the meeting involves your bosses, you must ensure that you attend it. Otherwise, it becomes really challenging to get insights into the developments within your team.

However, a lot of things can be done when you are likely to miss due to various reasons.

Things to Keep in Mind for Good Meeting

  • Login to live audio

If you are caught up in traffic and you are likely to miss a meeting; You could always ask for a live audio bridge number and connect to it. Listen to the call and also get details about the meetings.

  • Skype call

Skype is another way of recording the whole meeting and getting the details of the meeting. This is another way of attending a meeting when you are away from the actual meeting. You could always record the meetings and also share them with your team members when they miss attending a meeting. This can be beneficial as it allows multiple people to log in at the same time and have a discussion unanimously.

  • Video transcription

At times, you may not have access to videos therefore, you may have to convert these video files into audio texts and then you would be able to listen to these audio files and this would enable you to get access to the entire meeting without any glitches.

  • Minutes of Meeting

 This is the traditional way of capturing the details of the meeting and circulating them within the team and when the team members miss a meeting they would be able to understand the gist of the entire meeting. The crux of the meeting is what matters hence; Minutes of Meeting would be helpful.

  • Email

This is the last choice to send the details of the meeting for people to know about what they have missed in the meeting and you could ask someone part of the meeting to send the meeting details to all the absentees. You could also discuss the meeting details verbally with your team. This may not have so much impact and people may not remember as well.

These are some of the things you should keep in mind to record meetings and if you have missed any of them, you can pick any of these methods to know the information.

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