5 Ways Multilingual Website Can Boost Your Web Traffic

05 Ways How Multilingual Website Can Boost Your Web Traffic

Do you know that many modern-age organizations operating broadly are still working with old-school marketing strategies and plans? But now there are many new strategies which are introduced into the market. Multilingual content on websites is one the best plans to boost the audience on your web portal. According to research, 80% of global companies are not using multilingual content. But they may not be aware of the latest technology tools which could be useful for translation purposes. Now, what if this article can increase your traffic by just making sure that your content is available to audiences in multiple languages? Yes, it’s true! A multilingual website is just like any web portal that is accessible in many languages.

Here are 05 ways how a multilingual website can boost your web traffic or the reasons you need website translation. The main reason to have a multi-language website is to get organic traffic. Here are a few reasons how multilingual content on your website can help your company: 

List of 5 ways how multilingual website can boost your web traffic:

  • Build trust with the non-English audience
  • Benefits of Multilingualism Increase Financial Productivity
  • A great boost in SEO
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Multi-lingual content on a website can beat the Competition

1. Build trust with the non-English audience

This feature has created trust and brand recognition with the audience digitally which is the top most goal of companies. The higher brand trust and authenticity are directly linked to a higher number of website visitors. Though customers trust your product/service initially, they might change their minds upon the first negative experience. So, you have to present your information in most languages. However, that might not be your fault with a global website & customer support team coming on it, you will be able to get more comprehensive feedback, work on all potential flaws more efficiently, and boost customer satisfaction.

2. Benefits of Multilingualism Increase Financial Productivity

The whole new audience builds a boost in financial opportunities. These increasing returns on investment and higher conversions are the results of it. Concluding, a multi-language website can boost brand awareness by creating new client connections from an international aspect. New customers have the capabilities to return and present customers. The present customers spend over 67% more on your services when they have a reason to return. The more will be traffic, the higher you will get on the search engine results page. Traffic on a website is not just a conceptual thing you want to increase. This directly influences how easily one can be found in a constant beneficial loop. Having a website translated/localized into various languages not only increases your online market reach and presence but also makes that more probable to happen.

 3. A great boost in SEO

Adding languages to your website optimizes its chances of getting picked up by various search engines. In the past, business owners believed that creating websites was the best option to rank around the world. Multi-lingual websites help you to rank globally even while working within the limitations of your own domain. With smart SEO being greatly improved, you will establish not only when someone looks for anything you have to offer, but also when your competitors are searched. It’s right, whenever a user explores for your competitor in a specific country, with stronger SEO, your website might still get a higher position in search results. The audience usually can turn on Google. Your challenge here is to make sure the audience can find you in their preferred language. To be found, you need to streamline SEO for your store in the languages of the target audience. Every owner of a business wants their website to emerge in the search results. But, do you know that search engine results partially depend on language? When you switch your language settings from one language to another, look for a term, and you will get to see entirely different results. Additionally, the search engine has a high SEO rank for multilingual website content.

4. Client Satisfaction

The customers want to know that you care about time and the path from where they spend their money. One way to reach this is by adjusting your website and services to meet their needs. Colours and pictures are appealing, but if the communication isn’t easy to understand, users will not click. The translation & localization of the website lead to client satisfaction and improves the customer experience. Whenever a client believes that you’ve personalised the online marketing to provide their needs, they come back. This feature leads to positive product/service reviews and more clients. Even though your clients initially trust your service, they might transform their thinking upon the first adverse experience. However, that might not be your flaw. With a customer support team and a global website coming with it, you will be skilled to get more detailed feedback, you can work on all possible faults more efficaciously, and can boost customer’s satisfaction. 

5. Multi-lingual content on a website can beat the Competition

Translating/localizing your website in several languages means thinking outside of the box. This gives your company a competitive chance by differentiating your portal from a single language-oriented website. For example, you are running a travel page that offers the basic services as on other websites. All of those websites, including yours, are not localized. Most companies do it in the same way. By localizing your website, your service leads out in the market. You can determine your brand internationally before everyone else does it. Additionally, you’ll rank enhanced in the search results due to less competition. When multilingual website content is important for involving your users, this also helps you distinguish yourself from your content. This illustrates that you care about all users and serve their needs.


The above-mentioned are the reasons you need website translation for your business. VerboLabs language company can do your website localization with complete dedication. The advantages of multi-linguistic platforms reach farther than translation/localization. By localizing and translating your website, you can improve the general insight of your company. The size of your audience broadens, you will pull ahead of opponents, and you can improve the customer experience. Substantially, one can establish customer trust and loyalty! Website translation/localization services are accessible to help you achieve that! The localization of the website’s content is a benefit to your business to enable it to endure competition within the domestic market. It can boost your business by not permitting you to target the local domestic market only, but the global as well.

It has been demonstrated that customers are more likely to purchase products localized to their language from websites. Thus, the need to get website translation services to work on your website content. These certified language translators help localize the content so well in a way that makes your audience feel like they all are reading locally generated content. To get an international audience and attract someone’s regard, businesses/companies no longer need to effectively move to another country, spend lots of effort and resources, or appear on every advertisement poster. Fundamentally, all you have to do is to initiate a website in the country of the target audience and make sure it is understandable to the audience.

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