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7 Characteristics Of A Great Translator

Not just anyone can make a living as a professional translator. It is a demanding career that necessitates a high level of motivation and natural talent. Translators must consistently produce flawless translations while maintaining the passion and curiosity that drives Verbolabs. Our success is based on the diversity of our translator community. We can find someone with the necessary linguistic and subject matter expertise for any project.

Here are the 7 qualities of a successful translator, according to the Verbolabs team:

1. Linguistic Expertise

Many translators are fluent in more than one language and/or grew up in bilingual households. If not, qualified translators have a level of fluency that allows them to communicate and comprehend the languages they translate on a near-native level.

Linguistic excellence is dependent on mastery of not only basic vocabulary but also specialized terminology and differences in intonation that can completely change the meaning of a word or phrase. Regional differences and dialects should be studied by translators because they can have a significant impact on comprehension.

2. Knowledge of Linguistic Evolution

Vernacular is changing all the time. Look at past years of literature and the media. Whether the language was in the 1900s or 1990s, it will differ from what we use today. Translators must strive to stay up to date with modern vocabulary trends.

Moreover, translation methods and delivery modes can change as technology evolves. For instance, in the translation industry, artificial intelligence and machine learning are ready to make a significant difference. These changes are not avoided by successful translators; they see them in order to better serve their customers.

3. Area of Specialization

Many successful translators are specialists in customers, whether they are industry-specific or language-specific. At Verbolabs, we recruit expert translators from various industries to meet the demands of our diverse customer base. For instance, we find translators who have specialized legal skills in dealing with high-level legal matters. Legal documents often contain extensive jargon and complicated concepts that require a skilled person’s eye and knowledge.

Translation services are needed in even the rarer languages of the world. Verbolabs supports a growing number of indigenous languages with translation services, including some with fewer than 500 documented mother tongues. Fluency can be an extremely valued skill in the translation community in a rare or underrepresented language.

4. Attention to Detail

No detail is too small when it comes to professional translation. The whole meaning of a document may be modified with one word, letter, or even accent. Professional translators ensure that they are in compliance with the materials previously translated. In order to avoid discrepancies in translating specific technical terms, compliance with established glossaries is essential. The style of translation that is more casual, more modern, or more professional and traditional is preserved, which reflects the wishes of the client.

5. Acceptance of Criticism

Translators expect perfection from themselves and those around them, and they are confident in their work’s quality.

Nonetheless, even the most accomplished professionals can always improve. Successful translators welcome and even encourage criticism in order to improve their craft.

6. Time Management Skills

Tight deadlines are common in professional translation, and sometimes every minute counts. In high-stakes situations, clients may contact translators and request that large projects be completed in record time. However, mistakes made as a result of rushing can result in even more lost time. Clients cannot afford to waste time amending or adjusting documents that have been incorrectly translated. To keep their clients happy, successful translators know how to strike the perfect balance between speed and accuracy.

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