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A Look Into Our Subtitling Process And Subtitling Rates

Subtitling is a process of transcription and translation of an audiovisual content that has its own specifications, rules and criteria. This type of subtitling belongs to “subordinate translation” intended for the people who are not able to understand that content properly and need the content in their native language.

Subtitle translations are provided for:

  • Commercials
  • Video-games
  • Entertainment videos
  • Tv programmes
  • Educational videos

Skills that are required for subtitling

  • Proficiency in English language
  • Linguist experts
  • Time management

Different stages of subtitling process

1.Remittance of the footage via file transfer protocol.

2. We have to fix in and out times of each subtitle and divide dialogues into different slots of two lines if necessary and to shorten the length. We have to properly check the reading time consistency and make it in adequate time. Translation needs to be done efficiently considering local dialects into phrases.

3. Once translated the dialogues are proofread by the editor.

Factors taken into consideration in the subtitling processes are:


Only a few days for subtitling may increase the cost of it. Adequate time, according to the complexity of the task, should be provided for reasonable rates.


The subtitling rates increase if the content volume is very high.

Subject matter

The subtitling rates of an easy-to-understand video are low whereas if the subject contains jargon and technical terms, it may vary.

Sound and visual quality

If the sound of the media is too low and inaudible, then the charges for subtitling increase. As this process requires high attention to detail. Visual quality should also be adequately good for less cost.


The language involved in subtitling plays a major role. Native language subtitling costs less. In the case of translations for Urdu or Arabic, it costs high since the scripts for languages are from right to left which is not available in any subtitling applications.

Subtitling rates for a video in English is $7 per minute. Its range may vary between $3 to $10. We also calculate the prices for subtitling a video in other languages according to minutes per video.

The subtitling rates of the four stages of the process are:

  • Transcription and Time-coding for Subtitles: from $4.50 per minute of video (£60 minimum)
  • Translation for subtitles: $11 – $9 per minute average, ($120 minimum), varies by language & level of service required.
  • Sync Subtitles Translation to video and encode approval video: $5 per minute, ($60 minimum)
    + $15 per additional video file (if more than one video)
  • Burn-in / Subtitle document (.sbv, .srt, .stl etc.)
    Burn-in to video: $30 per video file
    Create Subtitle Document $15 per document, per video.

Why choose us?

Cost efficient:-  Here at verbolabs we provide you  our services at reasonable prices making one of the best choices for our consumers.

Time efficient :- In today’s scenario time is the costliest one and we aim at saving that. At Verbolabs, we aim at delivering our services as fast as possible.

Linguist experts:- We have highly trained linguist professionals who are expertise in more than 70 languages who can approach a wide range of consumers.

Client’s satisfaction:- Moreover, we emphasize on our client’s satisfaction. We do not hesitate to customize the content according to our client’s needs. Delivering the best possible services as fast as possible which satisfies our clients, is what actually defines us!

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