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To compete in today’s crowded online marketplace, you need to communicate effectively and use your websites as effective tools to get more customers. If you need the services of a professional company in this field, no one can be better than VerboLabs. We possess expertise in app and website localization on all platforms. As a company with vast knowledge and experience, we offer the cultural, marketing, and language expertise that you may need to engage your potential customers. You can surely count on our website and app localization experts to deliver top-notch locally relevant content to the audience.

Whether you want to create, launch or optimize your website, we at VerboLabs can prove to be a great help.

Why should you choose VerboLabs?

We never force our clients to hire our services. Following are the reasons why you should choose us for your services:

  • We employ professional experts and native translators who are highly qualified to perform localization services
  • Our prices for providing services are reasonable and cost structure is clearly explained to the client. We do not claim any hidden cost
  • Our staff use latest and advanced technology for bringing efficiency in our services.
  • We focus more on client satisfaction and customize our services as per their requirements
  • Our services are properly tested and supervised by experts before delivering it to clients
  • We give importance to deadlines and never compromise quality for the sake of completing work within given time frame.
  • We provide fastest services to our clients

VerboLabs website localization services

Localization of mobile sites

We are capable of handling all types of platform-specific challenges related to mobile site localization and producing high-quality mobile content that provides numerous benefits to our clients.  While designing source- the language of the mobile site we lay stress on responsiveness, friendliness, and compatibility with the operating systems. The complexity increases in the case of multiple languages and there is a need to put extra concentration on fonts and flow of the text. Our professional team is expert in handling such complexities and considers the impact of such character languages on the website.

International SEO

We understand the importance of SEO content and provide its full knowledge to our clients. We explain to them that their website is of no use if it does not have top ranking and the target audience is not aware of it. Our experts provide innovative ideas to them on how to increase the traffic on their websites. They also ensure top search rankings, a high number of click rates, and increased return on the investment made by the client.

Practices followed by us for providing best App localization services

  • While designing localization app, we consider the layout. It includes word’s length and sentences used in a language other than English. The spacing indenting is also taken care of. We ensure flexibility of the layout.
  • Our efficient app translators provide high quality translated contexts. We select words keeping in mind location of the content in the app and space available.
  • We provide a tested app to our clients to prevent any issues related to layout, content, and localization. Our experts test the app by creating an environment that consists of all type of situations. We take into consideration multiple devices, different screen sizes, and target market etc.
  • We use translation management technology for localizing your app. It helps in faster and efficient delivery of services as we can automate various procedures or eliminate the process that results in delays.


With the best services in the industry, we at VerboLabs can boost production efficiency, engage diverse audiences and help you achieve profitability in new markets through multilingual sites. Our effective website and app localization services can surely take your business to new heights! We deliver an expert quality localization experience to our clients at affordable prices. We have efficient staff that is specialized in localized services and possesses a good amount of experience in their field. VerboLabs provides unmatched quality of services with a detailed price structure. Our main motive is not earning money rather give full satisfaction to our clients. To reach out to us contact at

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