Different Types of Translation Techniques To Assist You With Your Work

The translator uses many techniques to make his work more straightforward and easy. Do you also want to know about these different translation techniques? If yes, then you are at the right place. Today we will discuss different types of techniques which will assist you with your work. Further, there is a lot of difference between a technique and a translation method. We will know about all of them. Let us begin.

Translation Method V/S A Technique

The translation method is used when the whole text is translated. However, translation technique depends upon the text and verbal elements that are translated. A great translator knows the difference between translation methods and translation technique methods. They know when to apply which method.

So now you know the difference between translation and techniques of translation. Now let us learn about various techniques of translation that might help you to perform your work.

Types of Translation Techniques to Assist With Your Work

There are many translation techniques. Some of them are as follows:

  • Calque

In this method, the translator uses neologism (a new message or new word) in a particular language using the structure source of language. This helps the audience to understand the context of the text.

  • Transposition

Transposition is the method in which the translator changes grammatical categories to another. However, the message’s meaning remains the same—the grammatical structures of the translated text change in this technique.

  • Borrowing

Using the same word in the translated text is borrowing. Borrowing the same word or expression helps to make more sense of the text. Use the texts which are written in italics are borrowed. However, the meaning should be known by the audience. Usually, the names and the places are borrowed as they cannot be changed.

  • Literal Translation

The literal translation is also called Metaphase. In this word-to-word, translation is done. This method is used in languages that are highly near to the cultural terms. Usually, the text which is translated should have the same syntax as in the original text. Therefore, this method is highly used by translators.

  • Equivalence

The equivalence technique is when an entirely different text is used to convey the same meaning and reality. For example, the name of an institution for idioms and proverbs can be translated easily. This helps in bringing more understanding of the text to the listeners.

  • Adaption

This technique is also referred to as cultural substitution or cultural equivalent. In this, the original text is replaced by a better expression that suits the culture of the language. Moreover, by using this technique, a better and comprehensive text is formed. For example, people use basketball as football. So that people can be more interested.

These are the translation techniques that will assist you with your work. These translation techniques are usually e used by most of the great translators. So if you have an extraordinary, translator they must be following these techniques.


Now you knew various techniques of translation. So you can judge a translator by looking at the number of methods they are using. Further, these techniques would help you in your work. To reach out to us contact at

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