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E-Commerce Websites Are Growing Steadily. Let’s Know How?

Businesses are growing at a very rapid pace. And it shows no sign of slowing down as well. Market research companies like the e-marketer predict the same. According to it, e-commerce sales will account for about 16% of the total worldwide retail sales by 2021.

Although, online shopping sales lags way behind retail store sales by a mile. It is a kind of market that can cater to the needs of people all over the world. Moreover, there is a different kind of freedom in online shopping. Online shopping websites are like supermarkets. Here, you can buy almost all kinds of things you can imagine. Things which are available in your region as well as from places out of your reach. Also, the customers of this supermarket are global citizens.

How do you provide the best of your e-commerce supermarket to your customers?

In order to provide the best services to your global customers; you have to make your customers feel comfortable with your e-commerce, i.e., supermarket’s environment. Or should I say Localization? Especially, if you want to grow your e-commerce supermarket in a place like India. 

Why should you localize your e-commerce website?

More international reach

It is an obvious fact that localizing your websites into various languages around the world will increase your website visits. Moreover, it also keeps you one step ahead of other online shopping websites.

Increase in revenue

More website visits mean increased chances of transactions. This will increase the money flowing through your supermarket. This will cause more brands to sell their products through your website.

Global recognition

Your website will get more recognition. Everyone knows about Amazon but not everyone knows about Flipkart. Amazon is a global leader whereas Flipkart is a National leader in e-commerce sales. Both of them use the same methods to win the game. And it will also help you widen your reach to more countries easily.

Now, translating and localizing a website is a daunting task. But a translation agency with enough experience in website localization can perform this daunting task with ease.

Why should you choose VerboLabs?


Our experience in website translation is what makes us a strong player in the field of website or app localization. We’ve localized various sites including e-commerce as well as other company websites.

Our translators

We choose our translators very carefully. A candidate has to go through a lot of screenings before they can be our translators. We recruit translators from different fields and assign them different projects accordingly. Moreover, our translators for website localization have a proper technical knowledge. And they use smart localization techniques necessary for this task.

Quality check

All our projects go through the quality check process before delivery to our clients. We use a two-step process for proofreading. Our project manager along with the quality check team handle the proofreading process.

These are the few points which make us an ideal translation agency for website localization. If you need us to localize your website, feel free to contact us anytime.

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