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YouTube is one of the internet’s largest and most popular video services. It is the go-to site for international audiences to watch vlogs, sporting events, entertainment shows, dramas, documentaries, comedy programs, and more, and its popularity is growing by the minute. With this in mind, there is a significant demand for YouTube Subtitles that can ensure accessibility for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and foreign audiences.


Among the several video captions services providers in the market which use machine translation; YouTube also provides its own auto video captions service called ‘YouTube auto-captions’. Many YouTube channels use this service in order to save time and money. This results in subtitles which contain lots of errors; Which in turn, completely change the meaning of a sentence. And thus, cause loss of interest in the videos; Especially, among deaf people, people who have hearing problems as well as non-native speakers of that language! This can cause loss of viewers from these communities. And this should be a major concern for YouTubers if they really want to be popular.


Always choose the best subtitling services providers which provide human translations aided with machine processing to get the best of both aspects: Quality and Time efficiency. This is one of the places where Verbolabs leaves behind other video captions services providers with the best subtitling services rates and makes its place among the best subtitling services providers in the industry. Now, speaking of quality, we should address another major aspect involved while providing video caption services, that is:


The best subtitling services providers use smart localization techniques. Which boosts the quality of a subtitle by many times. The reason is very simple. It helps to connect people from different cultures to the video which is bound to change the viewer’s level of engrossment. There are many phrases and idioms in languages which if exactly transcribed into another language will not make any sense with the context and will create a poor viewer response. This is where human translators come into play. Verbolabs hires language experts from all over the world having knowledge of the cultures, phrases, slang, idioms, and terminologies of the languages they work on. Apart from that, we have an efficient quality check team to make sure that quality is never compromised.


Efficiency is very important to Verbolabs; especially, because we deliver projects to global as well as domestic clients. Our base of language experts have been working with us for a long time and we follow an efficient work process to make sure that there are no obstacles during the process of project delivery. Our delivery time is unmatched in the market which starts at less than 24 hours only.


The subtitling services rates at Verbolabs are amongst the most competitive and affordable in the industry. The rates mentioned below will give a rough idea of different subtitling services at Verbolabs.

The average subtitling services rates for a video in English is $7 per minute which may range from $3 to $10. The rates for other languages may vary. Mainly, there are four categories:

  • The rates for subtitles transcription and time-coding are $4.50 per minute of video (£60 minimum)
  • The average rates for subtitle translation are $9-$11 per minute, ($120 minimum), varies according to different factors like language and complexity of service.
  • The rates for Syncing Subtitles Translation to video and encode approval video are $5 per minute, ($60 minimum)
    plus $15 per additional video file (if more than one video)
  • The rates to burn-in / Subtitle document (.sbv, .srt, .stl etc.) are as follows:
  1.  Burn-in to video: $30 per video file
  2. Create Subtitle Document $15 per document, per video.

Keeping in mind, the quality of our video captions services which is trusted by global media giants like Netflix as well as our highly competitive subtitling services rates; We can confidently say that Verbolabs is among the best YouTube subtitling services providers in Bangalore and Mumbai with a well-established name in the global market. To reach out to us or availing subtitling services contact at .

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