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5 Things You Learn While Narrating Non-Fiction Audiobooks

The world of non-fiction is limitless. What goes inside the human mind and what stories can come out is fascinating. There are many ways in which we can share these stories with the world. One such amazing way is narration.

When one narrates a book it has many advantages for the person apart from the obvious fact that the story reaches many. Many people don’t know about the benefits that the narrator enjoys.

Hidden advantages that one gets while recording audio non-fiction books are:-

1) You get insight on whatever you are recording

Narration is not reading, it is telling a story!! As a narrator, one must get involved in what is written. As a result of this, it becomes important that the narrator reads and gets in the shoes of the writer. It gives you an expertise on the subject. When you read what is written you get immersed and get insight on the topic. In fact, the job is done well only when the narrator gets fully engrossed in the topic/story at hand.

2) Reading until the end

How many of us have started stories that we have not finished? It is common, the bookshelves all over are filled with half-finished stories that need to be told. Even after the creation of interest, there are some who leave a story unfinished. As a narrator that is not happening to you ever. You will read the story till the end and get a great story to cherish. It gets you to a dream world for some time and a fascinating story for a lifetime.

3) Time management

Most of us have been dreaming of getting great at managing self and time. Divide the whole project into small manageable parts and complete reading it. This project will require timely completion and quality will demand to stick to the schedule.

4) Motivation and knowledge

There are many people out there who spend a lifetime finding things. These people may or may not be able to enjoy the same. The storyteller gets to invade in this fascinating world and dig out the Information. The knowledge acquired will stay with the narrator for life. This knowledge forms a base of motivation that urges us to know more. Because there is so much more we need to explore altogether.

5) Being great at editing

When you go through those numerous pages you gain such expertise in catching the errors. Over explanation, excessive use of phrases, grammar errors cannot skip your careful eyes. This empowers you to tell the story better and choose a great book to talk about. This attention to the obvious is a great power that will make the narrator a perfect editor.

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