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Many people think about whether there is a need for subtitling in your video, movie, or television series. They should know that the demand for the subtitling services industry is at its peak. And it will continue for an indefinite period of time. This is because of globalization and the need for new content all over the world.

Now, some would say that new content is being created every day but I would beg to differ. First of all, not all new content creates an impact on their target audience. And second of all, you need subtitling services for your content in order to survive or flourish in the industry. I will explain this point to you using an example where a television series is launched in the market.

Let us imagine it to be a T.V. series in the Middle East. Now, the fate of the newly launched series can go in two different paths. In the first case, it becomes a hit. In the second case, it becomes a flop.

Now, let’s add subtitles to the series…

  • The first case, there are high chances that people from other Asian countries like India and Pakistan will like it. Also, native Asian people residing in other European and North-American countries will also like it.
  • The second case, there is also a fair chance that the community of people mentioned above might like it anyways.

In short, subtitling and other translation services will expand your global market. It will increase your revenue by multiple times. And help establish your name in the media industry and among your global viewers.

Global media giant and Subscription Video-on-Demand (S-VOD) services provider, Netflix, uses this strategy. Netflix currently has 209 million subscribers in 190 countries providing its services in 24 international languages. There is a heap full of soft wares which will give you translations instantly but if a media content producer depends solely on these machine processed soft wares, then he/she should forget their expectations about the use of subtitling in their content because, with skyrocketing demand for content, localization becomes much more than just translating dialogue in another language.


Now, if you are searching for a subtitling services provider for your content, then you should definitely consider looking through the website of VerboLabs. Not to boast or anything but VerboLabs is currently a rising name in the translation services industry, both in the domestic as well as in the international market. Having a reputation for delivering quality subtitling services in the minimum amount of time with high-profile clients like Netflix, we can assure you that VerboLabs is one of the best subtitling services providers in Bangalore and Mumbai.

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