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Quality Control In The Translation Process

The translation of documents is a critical process for many important documents. The quality assurance step in the translation process used by the language-translation agencies is an important factor. This determines the quality of service they provide. This leads to the right quality of delivered documents.

Translation agencies translate the various important types of documents such as financial, legal, marketing, medical and technical to the highest quality. 

VerboLabs ensures that these translations undergo various different quality checks for the finest outcomes. The translators who undertake the translation work are qualified and have skill sets specific to the particular business sector they are working for.

Every translation process is subject to quality assurance measures. Linguists with strong expertise in the native language specifically undertake the localization and transcreation work. The outcome is directly dependent on the team that is working on the translations.

A dedicated team of responsible managers runs the project. They are responsible for communications and timeliness. Timeliness is one of the extremely important virtues in our company.

How does the team execute a project?

VerboLabs works on a TEP process which is – translate, edit, proof. In this system, different experts read as well as edit the translated document numerous times. This means that the final product has accuracy, cultural sensitivity as well as clarity.

The translation forms the base of quality with which the final product will be created. The selected linguists for the job have expert skills. They understand the importance of maintaining quality. Linguists with the right experience, in-depth knowledge, and skills get the job in order to ensure quality work.

Editing is an important part of the process; Even if the best translator works on the task in the first place. A team of highly qualified editors proofreads the first draft. Since human eyes can miss out on some errors that the experts point out in the first draft.

The editors make the final alterations in the final stage. Agencies call this stage Proofing. The project is then ready for delivery.

Formatting which is targeting towards providing readable content is also taken into consideration.

The project managers along with maintaining deadlines ensure that these steps are followed religiously.

Don’t Assert Translation Quality

When you work with a professional translation company, you can rest assured that your translations have been thoroughly reviewed. Quality control is built into the process. There are numerous levels and individuals on your team who work to ensure that your final product is the best translation for your needs. There is literally an entire team contributing to your project, so mistakes are bound to be discovered.

It is all too easy to take translation quality for granted. Few people realize that a seemingly simple translation goes through multiple steps and multiple experts to ensure that any errors are caught, re-examined, and eliminated, as well as how much your final translation costs.

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