How to create productive corporate videos for the Indian Market?

Are your corporate videos effective for the diverse Indian market? Are they helping you convert and connect with the local audience of Chennai or Indore?

Corporate videos are audiovisual materials businesses create to communicate with internal or external stakeholders. These videos serve diverse purposes, such as internal communications, including training updates and messages from management, and external communications, such as promotional content, product demonstrations, and corporate presentations aimed at clients, customers, or investors. They also play a crucial role in marketing and branding strategies, helping to build brand awareness and engage potential customers.

So, can your in-house or delegated video creation agency achieve your desired results in the Indian market? It can be a little tricky due to the diverse arena of the Indian market. But if you can connect with it, your brand is bound to become a sensation. Because the love and patronage the Indian market can shower to your brand is unlike any other. Here is how you can do that.

Creating an impact on the Indian market

Creating productive corporate videos for the Indian market requires a comprehensive understanding of the cultural landscape, consumer behaviour, and market dynamics highly unique to the region. Here’s an elaborate guide on how to craft compelling corporate videos explicitly tailored for the Indian audience, no matter where they reside:

  • Cultural sensitivity and localization:

Understanding cultural nuances is paramount when creating corporate videos for the Indian market. India is a highly diverse nation with multiple languages, religions, and traditions. Ensure that your video content resonates with the cultural values and sensitivities of the target audience. Consider language preferences, regional dialects, religious customs, and social norms. Localization efforts should extend beyond language translation to encompass visuals, music, and storytelling elements that reflect the local culture.

  • Audience segmentation and targeting:

India is a hub of diverse demographics, including age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, and urban-rural divides. Segment your target audience based on demographic factors, psychographics, and behavioural patterns. Understand each segment’s unique preferences, interests, and pain points to tailor your video content accordingly. Whether you’re targeting urban millennials or rural consumers, personalized messaging resonates more effectively and drives engagement. From Google to Facebook, their campaigns are often tailored for each section.

  • Engaging storytelling and visual appeal:

Indian audiences have a rich storytelling tradition deeply ingrained in their cultural heritage. Leverage the immense power of storytelling to create compelling narratives that captivate and emotionally connect with viewers. Incorporate drama, humour, or inspirational elements to evoke the desired emotional response. Additionally, prioritize visual appeal by using vibrant colours, dynamic visuals, and high-quality production values to grab attention and keep viewers engaged. Ensure you observe the corporate videos of others in the Indian market who have worked for them. Try to find out the “why”.

  • Authenticity and relatability:

Indians value authenticity and relatability in content. Ensure your corporate videos reflect genuine experiences, relatable scenarios, and authentic interactions. Avoid stereotypes or clichés that may come across as insincere or culturally insensitive. Incorporate real-life testimonials, user-generated content, or employee stories to add authenticity and credibility to your messaging. Humanize your brand by showcasing real people and genuine emotions that resonate with Indian audiences. Anything over the nose can backfire.

  • Mobile optimization and accessibility:

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and highly affordable internet access, mobile consumption of video content is on the rise in India. Optimize your corporate videos for mobile viewing by ensuring compatibility with different devices, screen sizes, and internet speeds. Keep videos short and engaging, with attention-grabbing visuals and concise messaging to cater to the short attention spans of mobile users. Consider creating vertical or square videos optimized for social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube Shorts, popular among Indian audiences.

  • Call-to-action and measurable goals:

Every corporate video should have a clear objective and a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that encourages viewers to take the desired action. Whether it’s driving website traffic, generating leads, increasing sales, or building brand awareness, define measurable goals for your video campaign. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as views, click-through rates, engagement metrics, and conversion rates to evaluate the effectiveness of your videos and iterate on your strategy accordingly.

By incorporating these strategies into your corporate video production process, you can create impactful and culturally relevant content that resonates with the diverse audience in the Indian market. Be observant and make sure to include the best of the minds while curating them.


Crafting productive corporate videos for the Indian market necessitates a nuanced approach that embraces cultural sensitivity, audience segmentation, engaging storytelling, authenticity, mobile optimization, and measurable goals. Businesses can create gripping video content that resonates with audiences nationwide by understanding India’s diverse cultural landscape, demographic preferences, and technological trends. 

By incorporating these critical strategies into your video production process, you can effectively leverage the power of video marketing to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and achieve your business objectives in the rapidly evolving Indian market. Need help with the same and looking for a video creation agency? Contact VerboLabs now, which considers all these factors while curating corporate videos for your firm. Get a quote from us and make corporate videos resonate with the Indian audience. Our localization services and experience in serving over 1,000 brands can be helpful.

Comment below which aspect you think is the most important in creating a productive corporate video strategy for the Indian market.

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