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International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in 2023 Checklist

The phenomenon of Globalization in 1991 exposed the limitless sky for markets to do business across borders. The global market has not seen a dark day since then. And now, with digitalization, opening a new venture is like a walk in the park. 

But is it that easy to sustain in the market? 

Unfortunately, the answer comes in negative. 

Looking at the bigger picture of Globalization, the competition is insane. Whether a start-up or a business tycoon, everybody has to scrutinize the market, create brand awareness, look for opportunities, and create a mass reach of their products/services.

Businesses visit international trade fairs and exhibitions to keep up with the game. The idea behind participating in these exhibitions is broader than converting sales but also entering the global market physically right in between the competitors and showing how your product standouts theirs.

Why visit International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Improved international network

Participating in International trade fairs attended by a good number of visitors opens up a whole new market to explore suppliers, consumers, manufacturers, and distributors in one place. Hence, you get a chance to build a strong network that would not have developed otherwise. 

A good network is essential to make a long run in the industry. These international trade fairs and exhibitions help to expand your brand recognition globally while interacting with people of your product interest.

Know your Competition 

A business in a good run with the competition will always be present in international trade fairs and exhibitions. The reason is plain and simple, to understand competition. To grow and sustain, you must understand your existing and upcoming competitors in the market. It is smart to keep an early eye on the upcoming players in the market and prepare your goals accordingly. 

Get your hands on Market Research

International trade fairs act as a vast pool of research space that helps you stay ahead of your competition. It is always wise to do your research beforehand to be ready with the solutions when your competitor launches a new variant of the existing product or a new product together.

Say you are an established e-commerce company and want to scale your business. For this, you want to study your competitors’ strategies. You can choose the right trade fair where most of your industry’s known names will participate.

Don’t return empty-handed; pull off International Orders

Opportunities for recognition in these events are relatively higher. If you attractively place your product and the potential clients get to catch an eye, it’s a win-win. There are favorable chances of getting a good partnership deal with international clients, and your business can go global in just a few minutes.

If you want to pull off international orders, you have come to the right place. All you need is a good demonstration of your product or service, excellent communication skills, and confidence in bulk. If you hit the right client, do not hesitate to put yourself in his shoes to understand his pain point and push him to why he should choose your product rather than your competitors.

Furthermore, you can also get an international distributor here. You only need a good presenter (translator or interpreter) who can smoothly communicate with international clients in their native languages. 

Return on Investment, marketing is the magic-wand

Investing in event marketing is a smart choice to create brand awareness, hit the right potential crowd, and eventually get a Return on Investment. You impact the right customers when you participate in international events like trade fairs and exhibitions of related industries. 

According to a Stastia survey, 74% of the respondents accepted that they would like to make a purchase from the brands that make their presence in trade shows.

Build brand rapport 

Trade shows are not necessarily about outright sales. The ground objective of participating in trade shows is to make your presence noticed in the flood of competitors from across the globe. There are no doors to avoidance as now you have a face to show to your customers, not unwanted phone calls or spam emails. 

When you make a physical appearance, a relationship is built with the customers, and the likability of them turning into potential or actual customers increases. Subsequently, your product will be marketed by word of mouth if they are familiar with the brand.

How to prepare for the exhibition

  • Make sure you have secured your space in the first place. Choosing the right space in the exhibition is key to maximum audience attention.
  • Book your international flight tickets in advance to avoid any last-minute run-outs. However, you can also look for organizer’s deals as well.
  • Go through the organizer’s manual sincerely. There may be time restrictions in ordering lights, furniture, catalogs, etc. Organizing everything in time will allow you to focus on other concerned areas.
  • International exhibitions do provide marketing aids to help you promote your brand. Ensure you use the trade press well and send out your catalog beforehand to get your brand noticed.
  • If you plan to get your brand localized, hire your translators and interpreters for your marketing content in advance. Make sure you choose the right person, as they will be responsible for brand positioning.

Where will VerboLabs come into the play?

Writing mail shots

Marketing your brand at least 60 days before the event lets your audience know when and where to find you. For this, an email plan must be generated. These email shots should be exciting and sent regularly to urge the readers to visit your booth. For this, hire the right content writer with good experience creating email shots. Have a look at our digital content creation services, and we assure to deliver your desired results.

Expect versatility in the visitors, and good visitor research will ensure your emails are translated into all the required languages to grab maximum attention. VerboLabs offers world-class translators covering 80+ languages. 

Pamphlet translation

Through your booth presentation and distribution of pamphlets, exhibition attendees learn about your brand. The audience does not necessarily follow one specific language. Making sure your target groups read your pamphlets, including their native language in your pamphlet, would be a good shot. To reason, they will connect better with you, and since their language is present on your pamphlet for their convenience, they will feel important. Choose VerboLabs for the best translation services for your marketing content, like pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, etc.

Multilingual marketing content localization

Imagine you are an automobile company participating in the international trade fair to demonstrate your new product or a healthcare enterprise with a brand-new device. Now, you have an audience in your booth from ten different countries. How are you going to take forward the demonstration? Do not panic; we got your back. VerboLabs’ unbeatable localization service is an end-to-end solution to fill in the gaps in your communication.

Website translation and localization

You bring your target groups to the website, and we will take care of the translations. Get your website translated into any number of languages you want. 


Why is this important?

Suppose you are a travel agency, and you reached out to the crowd at the international trade fair, handed over your pamphlets to them, and conducted impressive marketing. Now, your international clients want to do business with you. Firstly, they will visit your website to get into the depth of your services. You will retain the deal if your website has translations in their language and they follow the content in their given language. To ensure you get 100% conversions, reach VerboLabs for online translation and localization services.


It is crucial to bring your interpreters to international trade fairs. You cannot be a master of everything. Hence, it is only wise to work in a team where every person is an expert in their respective area. Make sure you choose the right one, as your conversions and sales at the trade fair depend upon how well your interpreter communicates with the audience. We at VerboLabs, have a very strong team of interpreters with healthy experience of decades, avail of our interpreting services. 

Final Word

Every day is a new opportunity to explore today’s competitive environment. To stay ahead of your competition and ensure your global reach, reach out to every potential customer. Visit relevant events like international trade fairs and exhibitions, get your business localized, reach out to every door in their native tongue, feel your customers’ pain, and offer solutions that matter. VerboLabs is here to assist you in your translation, dubbing, voice-over, subtitling, content, and transcription needs.

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